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The Clintons: “We Came, We Stole, Haitians Died”  [1]

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A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

The Haitian people’s furious resistance to yet another fraudulent presidential election has scuttled U.S. plans to
replace “Sweet Mickey” Martelly with another flunky named the “Banana Man.” The aborted fraud is a reminder that
Secretary of State Clinton was an imperial bully who rigged the previous presidential election in Haiti and stole the
country blind, along with her accomplice and husband, Bill. Those chickens may yet come home to roost.

The Clintons: “We Came, We Stole, Haitians Died”

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

“The discrediting of the elections would also reflect very badly on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.”

The island nation of Haiti is on the verge of finally ejecting [3] the criminal President Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly,
the dance hall performer and gangster who was foisted on the Haitian people by the United States through the
bullying of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, back in 2011. Martelly’s term is up, and he is constitutionally
required to leave office by February 7. Martelly and his American, French and Canadian backers had hoped to use
rigged elections and strong-arm tactics to install another puppet politician, Jovenel “The Banana Man” Moise, in the
presidential palace. The “Banana Man” – who wants to turn Haiti into a real banana-exporting republic, to the further
impoverishment of its small farmers – came in first in an October election that was so blatantly stolen, even the
thoroughly corrupt Haitian elite could not endorse the outcome.

In fact, virtually no one in Haitian society except the “Banana Man” and “Sweet Mickey” and the tens thousands of
Haitians who were paid to vote, repeatedly, at different polling places in October, considered the election to be valid.
Jude Célestin, the candidate that came in second in the October electoral farce – and who was also cheated of victory
by “Sweet Mickey” Martelly in the election five years ago – refused to go along with the travesty. Célestin said he
would not take part in the bogus run-off election that was scheduled for this past Sunday – meaning, the “Banana
Man” would have been the only candidate.

“Hillary and Bill were the Bonnie and Clyde of Haiti.”

But, even the prospect of a one-man contest could not stop the Americans from insisting on going ahead with the
run-off. The U.S., which pays for the Haitian elections and, therefore, believes it has the right to decide who wins and
who loses, growled that Haiti should go along with the fraudulent process. The Americans were upset that they might
have no reliable replacement for their loyal puppet, “Sweet Mickey.” Plus, the discrediting of the elections would also
reflect very badly on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who claims to have brought stability to Haiti when she was
at the State Department but, in fact, is culpable for all of the Haitians who were murdered by the Martelly regime. The
truth is that Hillary and Bill were the Bonnie and Clyde of Haiti, robbing the country for their own and other corporate
criminals’ benefit. The teams of FBI agents that are now matching Hillary’s emails with contributions [4] to the Clinton
Foundation are tapping a Mother Lode of corruption that may yet bring her down before Election Day in the United

If that happens, the Haitian people will deserve some of the credit for saving the U.S. from another period of rule by
the Crooked Clintons, in the process of saving Haiti’s sovereignty and self-respect. The Haitians’ furious grassroots
resistance forced the cancellation of Sunday’s run-off election; “Sweet Mickey” is slated to leave office in less than two
weeks; and negotiations are underway to form an interim government [5] that would hold clean elections. The struggle
now is for Haiti’s poor majority to make its voice heard above the growling of the U.S. imperialist occupiers and their
hired Haitian flunkies – some of whom are real killers [6], whose names aren’t funny at all.

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