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President Killary — Paul Craig Roberts
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President Killary
Would The World Survive President Hillary?

Paul Craig Roberts

This is an English translation of an article that I wrote for the German magazine, Compact. I was encouraged by the
high level of intelligent discourse that Compact brings to its readers. If only the US had more people capable of
reaching beyond entertainment to comprehending the forces that affect them, there might be some hope for America.

Compact brings hope to Germany. The German people are beginning to understand that their country is not
sovereign but a vassal of Washington and that their chancellor serves Washington’s hegemony and American
financial interests, and not the German people.

Hillary Clinton is proving to be the “teflon candidate.” In her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, she
has escaped damage from major scandals, any one of which would destroy a politician. Hillary has accepted massive
bribes in the form of speaking fees from financial organizations and corporations. She is under investigation for
misuse of classified data, an offense for which a number of whistleblowers are in prison. Hillary has survived the
bombing of Libya, her creation of a failed Libyan state that is today a major source of terrorist jihadists, and the
Benghazi controversy. She has survived charges that as Secretary of State she arranged favors for foreign interests
in exchange for donations to the Clintons’ foundation. And, of course, there is a long list of previous scandals:
Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate. Diana Johnstone’s book, Queen of Chaos, describes Hillary Clinton as “the top
salesperson for the ruling oligarchy.”

The Clintons’ purchase by interest groups is public knowledge. For example, CNN reports that between February
2001 and May 2015 Bill and Hillary Clinton were paid $153 million in speaking fees for 729 speeches, an average
price of $210,000.

As it became evident that Hillary Clinton would emerge as the likely Democratic presidential candidate, she was paid
more. Deutsche Bank paid her $485,000 for one speech, and Goldman Sachs paid her $675,000 for three speeches.
Bank of American Morgan Stanley, UBS, and Fidelity Investments each paid $225,000. https://theintercept.

Despite Hillary’s blatent willingness to be bribed in public, her opponent, Bernie Sanders, has not succeeded in
making an issue of Hillary’s shamelessness. Both of the main establishment newspapers, the Washington Post and
the New York Times have come to Hillary’s defense.

Hillary is a war-monger. She pushed the Obama regime into the destruction of a stable and largely cooperative
government in Libya where the “Arab Spring” was a CIA-backed group of jihadists who were used to dislodge China
from its oil investments in eastern Libya. She urged her husband to bomb Yugoslavia. She pushed for “regime
change” in Syria. She oversaw the coup that overthrew the democratically elected president of Honduras. She
brought neoconservative Victoria Nuland, who arranged the coup that overthrew the democratically elected president
of Ukraine, into the State Department. Hillary has called President Vladimir Putin of Russia the “new Hitler.” Hillary as
president guarantees war and more war.

In the United States government has been privatized. Office holders use their positions in order to make themselves
wealthy, not in order to serve the public interest. Bill and Hillary Clinton epitomize the use of public office in behalf of
the office holder’s interest. For the Clintons government means using public office to be rewarded for doing favors for
private interests. The Wall Street Journal reported that “at least 60 companies that lobbied the State Department
during her [Hillary Clinton’s] tenure as Secretary of State donated a total of more than $26 million to the Clinton

According to, “All told, the Clinton Foundation and its affiliates have collected donations and
pledges from all sources of more than $1.6 billion, according to their tax returns.”

According to, multi-million dollar donars to the Clinton Foundation include Saudi Arabia,
Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk, Kuwait, ExxonMobil, Friends of Saudi Arabia, James Murdoch, Qatar, Boeing, Dow,
Goldman Sachs, Walmart, and the United Arab Emirates.

According to the International Business Times, “Under Hillary Clinton, the State Department approved $165 billion
worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments had given millions to the Clinton Foundation.” http:

Hillary Clinton has escaped unharmed from so many crimes and scandals that she would likely be the most reckless
president in American history. With the arms race renewed, with Russia declared “an existential threat to the United
States,” and with Hillary’s declaration of President Putin as the new Hitler, Hillary’s arrogant self-confidence is likely to
result in over-reach that ends in conflict between NATO and Russia. Considering the extraordinary destructive force
of nuclear weapons, Hillary as president could mean the end of life on earth.