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The New World Order (Bilderberger?) of The Bushs,
The Clintons and Barack Obama and Its Economic
Terrorism On The American People.
i.e., Eventual economic collapse with endless wars
based on lies, deceit and greed,
endless debt,
endless printing of "fiat" money, endless high
unemployment, increasing poverty and the abolition
of cherished "safety nets" such as Social Security
and Medicare. Is America's future a world
government and a possible police state?

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Had enough New World Order Wars based on lies, deceit and
greed?  Would you die for a lie?  Why should others?
(1) No War With Iran!           
Iran has no nuclear weapons:  Israel has 200-400 nuclear
warheads to threaten its arab neighbors.  Should we bomb
Israel, Instead?

(2) Causes of The Iraq War
(a) "Blood Money"

(b)  The Surge  (The following is excerpted)
"Neocon godfather Norman Podhoretz set out the plan for Middle East
conquest several years ago in Commentary magazine. It is a plan for Muslim
genocide. In place of physical extermination of Muslims, Podhoretz advocates
their cultural destruction by deracination. Islam is to be torn out by the roots
and reduced to a purely formal shell devoid of any real beliefs.
Podhoretz disguises the neoconservative attack against diversity with
contrived arguments, but its real purpose is to use the US military to subdue
Arabs and to create space for Israel to expand.
Not enough Americans are aware that this is what the "war on terror" is all
(c)The New U.S. British Oil Imperialism  

(3) The Turkministan -Afghanistan- Pakistan-Pipeline Wars

Issue Two: The Economy
1) Debt, debt and more debt! The next and last bubble, THE

2) Rep. Pence and President Obama;  After 11  years of "tax
cuts" for the wealthy;  Where are the jobs you promised?

Issue Three: The Looting of Social Security
Has Obama done what Rep. Pence couldn't do: That is, "destroy Social
Security" and put Grandma & Grandpa out on the street?

Issue Four:  True Health Care Reform: Medicare For All!

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Updated April 16, 2012

"A Betrayal of Trust!"
Urgent Obama Alert:  Dear Friends: All Senior Citizens
should be aware of the current scam by President Obama and
Congress in using 2% of  the 6.2%  Social Security taxes of a
workers pay as a "tax cut."  
The media and Obama refer to this as a "payroll tax cut".
It actually is blatantly stealing from and embezzling our
Social Security taxes.  In this Senior's opinion, this further
weakens Social Security by reducing SS revenues  and is a
gigantic step, by Obama to destroy Social Security!
Please read what Senator Tom Harkin has to say about this.
Payroll Tax Cut: Tom Harkin Slams President, Democrats For
Risking Social Security   
Reproduced for “fair use” from the kindness of  HUFFPOST POLITICS                            
April 4, 2012 Michael McAuliffmike.mcauliff@huffingtonpost.com

"This Congress will be making a grave mistake -- a grave mistake -- and
reinforcing a dangerous precedent,"
"And I’m dismayed that Democrats, including a Democratic president
and a Democratic vice president, have proposed this, and are willing to
sign off on a deal that could begin the unraveling of Social Security."
. "Cutting the payroll tax is a bad idea, terrible idea. I'm embarrassed that
it's being proposed by a Democratic president and a Democratic vice
Dear Friends: Why am I running for Congress?  Why do I hope
to be your populist Democratic nominee for Indiana's Sixth
GRANDCHILDREN.  I see no future for them other than endless
war, endless debt, eventually endless poverty without any
safety nets.  Our great America is becoming another banana

The economic chaos which has happened in Greece will spread  
to other European countries, as the euro collapses! America
will  experience a economic collapse so start being prepared for
it!  I forecast this economic destruction back in 1988 when I was
the Democratic candidate for Congress from the Sixth District!.  
There is simply too much federal debt and it can never be repaid!

David Stockman, who was Reagan's Director of  The Budget has
stated that America has reached "the point of no return!"  The
Federal Reserve, under Ben Bernanke has turned on the
printing presses full speed ahead! This creation of "fiat" money
simply grows the money supply thus cheapening the value of
the dollars out there ! Please remember the dollar is no longer
backed by gold reserves!  This "inflation" of the
money supply causes  the prices of all commodities, especially
food, to increase in price!  All this could and should have been

Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve Chairman for 21 years,
should be tried for malfeasance, (official misconduct; violation
of a public trust)_  because his policies set the stage for what
has happened. He was a big supporter of "de-regulation" and
tax cuts.  Greenspan, Bill Clinton, Robert Ruben, Larry
Summers and Phil Gramm should all be charged with
malfeasance.  They did  irreparable harm to America, on behalf
of Wall Street,  by doing away with the Glass Steagall Act
which protected consumers!  
Robert Rubin, after being Clinton's Sec'y of The
Treasury returned to Wall Street as a V.P. of
Citicorp, for ten years @ $ten million/yr.  

These five also prevented the Commissioner of the Commodity
Futures Trading Commission, Brooksley Born, from regulating
the "derivatives" market as was her job
Today, derivatives are described by Warren Buffet as " Financial
instruments which are weapons of mass destruction".

I do not raise the issue;" Is Barack Obomber  a liar, lightly?.
Politicians should not make promises to the American people;
us false hopes and not being held accountable for those
lies!  This is very serious!  
It should be evident that Barack Obama is not a "black Jesus"
as some would like him to appear!  He is a ruthless politician!  A
smooth operator!  He is a cruel hoax on The Democratic Party
Is Obama the newest "Imperial President?"  He doesn't "bluff".  
He has been described as "A CRUEL HOAX!"  He is the chosen
tool of the "elites" who run this country so ruthlessly!  Highly
respected Conservative, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts described
George W. Bush as "a natural born liar!"     
Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton also fit that
description!  Many well intentioned Democrats are
willing to overlook how these three have served  
Wall Street, the  international bankers and multi-
nationals.   Bill & Hillary Clinton and Obama's
enthusiasm for passing The KORUS FTA ( costing
America 150,000 more lost jobs) should be seen as
another betrayal of the working & middle classes.
Please remember  that Bill & Hillary Clinton's
NAFTA cost American workers 670,000 lost jobs!