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Updated April 29, 2016
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1 in 4 Americans on verge of financial ruin

Robert Reich: The Real Reason Hillary Won't Effect Change, but Bernie

The Financial System is A Larger Threat Than Terrorism:

2015 was a terrible year for the common working man

From 2013: The Rich Have Gained $5.6 Trillion in the 'Recovery,'
While the Rest of Us Have Lost $669 Billion  

The recent decision by Carrier Corporation should not come as a
In 2000, there were 19,593,678 manufacturing jobs in the US.
Today there are 12,378,297 manufacturing jobs in the US.
Since 2000, that's a loss of 7,215,381manufacturing jobs in the US.
That's a loss of 7 million, 215 thousand, 381 manufacturing jobs.
These manufacturing jobs will never be replaced.  
New jobs today consist mostly of "service jobs"; bartenders, fast food
workers, medical care, etc.   
America's largest employer has gone from the unionized wages of
General Motors (producing motor vehicles) to the (service)non union
wages of Wal-Mart.  
Median Income in 2000 was $28, 280.
Median Income today is $30, 154.
In the past sixteen years of George Bush's and Barack Obama's
"booming" economies, that's an increase of $1,874 or an average yearly
increase of $117. (ABOUT $2.20/WEEK)  WOW!

CONGRESSMAN MESSER RECEIVES $174, 000 yearly plus benefits!
That is almost six times the median income!

Those hypocritical politicians of The War Party, who are bemoaning
Carrier's move to Mexico; Messer, Coats, Donnely, Pence, Hogsitt, et al.!  
I don't recall any of them speaking out against Reagen's "Fast Track"
Clinton's NAFTA & WTO or Shillary and Barack's Korean FTA and
Shillary and Barack's secret TPP and TAFTA!! What hypocrits!!    
Thom Hartmann's wonderful "When Americans No longer own America" is more
pertinent today than when it was written in 02/27/2006, more than ten years ago.
An excerpt;
Through a combination of the "Fast Track" authority pushed for by Reagan
and GHW Bush, sweetheart trade deals involving "most favored nation status" for
dictatorships like China, and Clinton pushing us into NAFTA and the WTO (via GATT),
we've abandoned the principles of tariff-based trade that built American industry and
kept us strong for over 200 years.

Another excerpt:  Today, foreigners awash with our consumer dollars are on a two-
decades-long buying spree. The UK's BP bought Amoco for $48 billion - now Amoco's
profits go to England. Deutsche Telekom bought VoiceStream Wireless, so their profits go
to Germany, which is where most of the profits from Random House, Allied Signal,
Chrysler, Doubleday, Cyprus Amax's US Coal Mining Operations, GTE/Sylvania, and
Westinghouse's Power Generation profits go as well. Ralston Purina's profits go to
Switzerland, along with Gerber's; TransAmerica's profits go to The Netherlands, while
John Hancock Insurance's profits go to Canada. Even American Bankers Insurance
Group is owned now by Fortis AG in Belgium.

We should be indebted to "caring Americans," like Thom Hartmann but also, i.e. Charles
Hughes Smith, for sharing their knowledge and research with us. His
"What Killed the Middle
Class" should be required reading for all citizens.
"Inflation-adjusted household income has dropped back to levels first reached in the
\Remember: Bill & Hillary Clinton's NAFTA caused the loss of 670,000 jobs.

Concerned about retirement?  The AFL-CIO reminds us: "Nearly half of all American
households have no retirement savings whatsoever, for those with savings-the median
retirement account balance is $2,500 for all working age households and $14,500 for near
retirement households.

My concluding remarks on the economy. "if it's not made in the U.S.A. , it shouldn't be
sold here.  Profits made by the multi-nationals should stay here." gth

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Updated October 18, 2008
By now, everyone is aware that President Bush and Congress  have given Sec'y of The
Treasury Paulson $ 700 billion of our tax moneys and made Mr. Paulson a virtual czar in
making our economy right again.. My concerns are (1) there was a much better way of
making those responsible for this mess; the ultra rich and their greed' pay for this mess
rather than the American taxpayer.  Chuck Collins and Dedrick Muhammad have written
an excellent paper.  
"Ten Ways to Bail Out Wall Street, (And Main Street) Without
Soaking Taxpayers In Debt!  
This paper will be my guide, if I am elected to Congress, in determining who will pay for
future bailouts; those responsible; not the American taxpayer!
(2)  Mr. Paulson, a multi-millionaire, (worth a reported  $ 700 million) is one of the
culprits, along with Congress and Bush, responsible for this mess.

Updated Sept.8, 2008
After four years of Daniels as Governor, Twenty years of Bayh as Sec'y of State,
Governor and U.S. Senator, Eight years of Pence as Congressman,
consider the following and why for real change, Indiana's Sixth District needs  real choice
and real change,  you should vote for  
George Holland For Congress in 2010..
Indiana's jobless now number 200,000.  That's an increase of 60,000 in just the past one
year.  More jobless families mean " of Indiana homeowners with a mortgage, more than
11 1/2 percent or 100,000 were either behind on their payments or in foreclosure at the
end of June."
Folks, times are tough and it could have been avoided.
As more families lose their jobs and homes, there will be more divorces, more broken
homes and more "homeless,"  either on the streets or living with relatives.  Health care
costs are soaring and forty million Americans are without health insurance.  So with all
these problems at home;Why  are we still in quagmires of "deep doo doo' in both Iraq and
Afghanistan and all of the above politicians, including Obama, wanting to invade Iran?
On costs of war, if you don't object to these planned, contrived, needless, endless wars
because of the human suffering; you had better understand it from the point of your
wallet or purse!  
Already, America has troops in four
middle east countries, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The costs so far are well
over three trillion dollars, all on "The Giant Credit Card" and no end in sight.   
The Treasury Department has announced the "bailout " of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
The treasury has no monies.  It will either have to print
up "paper" (fiat) money or raise taxes.   These irresponsible fiscal policies can be traced
to both Republicans and Democrats and their support for "free markets" which is
deregulation and unsupervised policies of these financial institutions!  And, oh yes, the
stock market has dropped 3,010 points since October.
Want real change, vote George Holland For Congress in 2010!
Aug. 20,  2008
"79 Million Americans Struggle To Pay Medical Bills.
Folks, another sign of the times! Please read this article.  This is where our  tax dollars
should be going!  Too many of these folks remain silent and indifferent to the four wars
currently going on in Iraq-Iran, Afghanistan-Pakistan.    These wars, based on lies , deceit
and greed  are needless and were deliberately planned as part of the oligarchy's  "War
Party" that controls our country, in their efforts to impoverish our country.  These "war
costs" could have been used to help them cushion their medical bill expenses! Why aren't
these citizens demanding that America address their health costs problems instead of
the hogs of war, the war profiteers?      Updated Aug. 18, 2008
"The worst of the global financial crises is yet to come and a large U.S. bank will fail in
the next few months as the world's biggest economy hits further troubles, former IMF
Chief Economist Kenneth Rogoff said on Tuesday."
"Large U.S. bank collapse ahead, says ex-IMF economist"
Updated July 21,, 2008.
Every family has received their "stimulus check."  Speaker Nancy Pelosi boasted, "We
didn't have to raise taxes either."  That's right!  This $ l65 billion "hush money" was
simply added to the current debt.  As was the $ 170 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan.  The meltdown in the financial markets from the failures of the mortgage
companies; Bear Stearns to now F
annie Mae and Freddie Mac are going to cause an
unbelievable amount of  financial suffering, but who cares?

We are a "bankrupt nation!"  How can  any one justify the costs of war; the costs of
staying in Iraq and Afghanistan? How can Congress justify "bailing out Wall Street"at
the expense of "the little guy?"

I wrote of this in my 2005 announcement.  In June, there were 62 thousand more "lay-
offs" bringing  ytd lay offs to one-half million.  "Whenever airline pilots and flight
attendants are laid off by the thousands, that says something about how bad the economy
is !  It's past time to document how all this happened.
The recent purchase of Anheiser Busch by a Belgian firm points out the severity of
American Companies being bought by foreign ownership. Roche Laboratories buying up
more of Genetech!  More and more Americans are receiving their paychecks from foreign
Folks, this is not a good thing!
Thom Hartmann's
"When Americans no longer own America" is a good start.  
Remember, in 1988, twenty years ago, my main campaign issue was , "Where are the
jobs"?  By reading Hartmann you realize how this happened; it was due to Reagan's
"globalization" and "free trade."  Reagan's "supply side" economics also embraced "free
markets" and less regulation.
In 2006, I featured an article ,
"Economic Armageddon." I warned of the financial
bondage that would be placed upon our children!  Congress has sit on its thumbs, doing
nothing to prevent this "meltdown."
As more and more  financial markets collapse, the taxpayer is going to be used to "bail
out" these commercial scoundrels!  Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac is not a ripple, it's a
tsunami wave in our economy.  Instead of letting these firms fold, the taxpayer is called
upon to "bail them out'!  Our dollar continues to weaken.  The dollar is no longer
protected by the ""gold standard" so Paulsen and Bernanke can print all the "paper
money" that is needed to bail out these crooks, and our children will pay for it for
decades. Please read
"Where is the outrage!" [
Please note Hartmann's reference to
"The New World Order" and think, McCain,
Obama, Bayh, The Clintons, Daniels, Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Pence etc.  This is part of the
The New World Order" which aims to impoverish America by creating more and more
debt.  The debt of endless, needless war, the debt caused by the "tax cuts,"  benefiting
the ultra rich, and the never ending debt that is being foisted upon we tax payers as more
and more Financial institutions go under!
Why do I share this with you?  Because, the people responsible for letting this happen
expect you to re-elect them.  Contrary to Obama's glowing promises,
nothing will change for the better, only worsen!.  You must change and vote for me if you
want real change and want to help me save America!   This financial crises did not have to
happen!  It should never have happened!   If you want to see the cause, look in the
mirror!   Let's change that  in 2010.   

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When the Comptroller General of The United States, David Waller, resigns because of his
concerns about America's fiscal condition, especially the debt, Americans should listen to
what this patriot has to say!  Please read
"How the U.S. can avoid a fiscal wreck."

Dear Friends:  America is now feeling the disastrous results of twenty eight  plus years of
Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, Bill Clinton, Cheney, Pence, and Bayh's Reaganomics; "suppy-
side" economics and  its "free trade" and "free market" and "deregulation"  policies.  
This will not change with Barack Obama as president.  Obama has been chosen by the
ultra rich
political and corporate elites which control our country so ruthlessly!

George W. Bush, Senator Bayh and Rep. Pence have been the biggest boosters of "tax
cuts" which they claim create more jobs, which create more tax revenue. President
Bush's and Congress' rush to provide an "economic stimulus" rebate combined with the
massive budget deficits, high unemployment rate and the fact that Americans aren't more
prosperous, but are into a  "negative savings" rate hopefully should slay this "myth" of
how great tax cuts are.  They are great for the top 10% of income earners especially the
top 1%.  However, the rest of us;  the lower 90% and our children, are faced with massive
tax debt burdens in the future. Congress' members lining their pockets with these "tax
cuts" has to be one of the most blatant forms of "self interest."
These are the valid reasons that the tax cuts have to be rescinded immediately.  Not later,
now! Candidate Obama promised to discontinue these tax breaks for the wealthy , but
now President Elect Obama has suddenly suffered a severe case of lockjaw in speaking
out against these tax breaks.
To wait is really courting economic danger as America's national debt
keeps ballooning. Interest alone is costing Americans over one and one/half
$ billion/day.  Folks, that's a lot of money!    

The current crisis in foreclosed and lost homes due to sub-prime mortgages and the
economic meltdown of Bear-Stearns is a result of the "free market" and "deregulation"
policies of President Bush and Congress letting "Corporate America" screw the American
consumer !

Mr. Bernanke and the Federal Reserves "bailout" of the corporate elite, by
"counterfeiting" paper money to "loan" financially troubled institutions is simply another
"criminal act" by God's messenger, President Bush and his criminally complicit Congress,
who are "wiping" out our savings and retirement accounts values by devaluing our dollar;  
a gang of "embezzlers" who also have wiped out the Social Security Surplus of $2.3
trillion in violation of federal law!

By creating, (counterfeiting) more paper money, the Federal Reserve is
not only bailing out "the corporate elite" but also devaluing the dollar thus lowering our
standard of living and "real income" for America's working families and Senior Citizens.

Already social welfare programs are being cut or eliminated in order to
pay for  the "tax cuts" for the rich, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and aid to Israel.      
Some of the other things that have destroyed America's Economy are
(1) Ever increasing budget deficits, i.e. tax cuts for the rich, resulting in a national debt
that can't be repaid but also affects the value of the dollar and
depreciates the dollar more
and more and lowers the value of all savings programs..

(2) Huge foreign trade deficits, (debt) year after year, importing more goods than we are
This is a reflection of the huge number of manufacturing jobs which have
been lost to China and other cheaper labor countries
when our "tariff based economy"
was destroyed by Reagan, The Bushes, McCain,Clinton, Pence, Bayh,  and the 'free
  Now, President -elect Obama  will continue "free trade" and the continued loss
of American manufacturing jobs .

(3) An ever increasing number of failed sub-prime mortgages, resulting in foreclosures
due to the "free market"  advocates  and the lack of  financial regulations.

(4)  Endless wars with endless costs!  The Iraq war has cost over $ 580 billion YTD and
when combined with the costs of the Afghan war the costs are over $900 billion and

(5) A widening of the disparities of income between Americans. A destruction of the
"white " and "blue" collar families and a larger and larger concentration of wealth in the
hands of the rich elite.  A lower standard of living with ever increasing personal (family)
debt; loans, credit card debt and equity mortgages which can't be repaid!   

President Bush, Rep. Pence, Senator Bayh and John McCain have lied when they  tell you
that Bush's tax cuts; "supply-side"  economics aka "Reaganomics"  have created jobs
and boosted the economy, thereby increasing tax revenues.. These fiscal experts want to
extend and make permanent, Bush's tax cuts.  I am against this and here's the proof.

Until Ronald Reagan, the "great communicator" was elected president in 1980, America's
national (federal) debt over two hundred years and 36 presidents had not gone over one
trillion dollars. In 1981, Reagan's "Program for Economic Recovery" which highlighted
the Kemp-Roth tax cuts, which promised to cut income taxes by 30% over three years. By
end of fiscal 1982, with a deficit of $ 120 billion, the national debt was  $ 1.13 trillion.
Fiscal 1983, a deficit of $208 billion raises the nat'l debt to $1.4 trillion.

Fiscal 1984, a deficit of $186 billion raised the nat'l debt to $1.56 trillion

Fiscal 1985, a deficit of $222 billion raises the nat'l debt to $1.82 trillion.

Fiscal 1986, a deficit of  $238 billion raises nat'l debt to $2.12 trillion.

Fiscal 1987, a deficit of $ 169 billion raises nat'l debt to $2.35 trillion.

Fiscal 1988, a deficit of  $ 194 billion raises  nat'l debt to $2.6 trillion.

1989, a deficit of $205 billion raises nat'l debt to $2.87 trillion.

So Reaganomics aka "suppy-side economics," instead of  increasing tax revenue as
promised, actually doubled the nat'l debt in four years and increased the nat'l debt by
over $1.9 trillion in 8 years.  Reagan had created more debt, (almost twice as much) than
all the previous presidents combined.

In 1988, I was the Democratic nominee for the Sixth Congressional District of Indiana.  
My issues were that (1) "free trade" was destroying manufacturing jobs and (2)
Reaganomics, aka "suppy-side economics" had created massive deficits creating a
massive national debt.

Congressman Dan, "The Mental Midget" Burton refused to debate me. While some
voters were as concerned as I, Burton, an advocate of "free trade" and Reaganomics was
easily re-elected.

Americans, apparently wanting more "tax cuts" with more massive deficits and more
"free trade" elected George H.W. Bush as President in 1988.  Bush, who had once
described "Reaganomics" as "voodoo" economics proceeded to create even more debt.  
At the end of  George H.W. Bush's last fiscal year, 1993, the national debt had increased
by $1.48 trillion to $4.35 trillion.

President Clinton, elected in 1992, did try to control deficit spending.  I do fault Clinton as
much, if not more than, The Republican presidents, the "free traders" in suppporting
NAFTA, the WTO and destroying American manufacturing jobs.         

Thus after eight years, President Clinton's last fiscal budget year, Sept. 30, 2001, the
national (federal) debt was $5,807,463,412,206.

Today,  December, 2008, the national (federal) debt is $10,653,930,363,287.00
(10 trillion, 653 billion, 930 million, 363 thousand and 287 dollars.)

President Bush, who proudly proclaims to be a "fiscal conservative"
and promised to "balance the budget," is responsible for increasing our national debt by
(4 trillion, 846 billion, 466 million, 951 thousand and 081 dollars.)

Bush's legacy  
has created more debt for the taxpayers than any other previous
president in the shortest period of time.
President Bush, a fiscal conservative, may very
well have more national debt created during his eight years in office than all the other
presidents combined.

Here's the proof:
Public debt end Fiscal year 2001, (Clinton's last budget)   $ 5.807 trillion

Public debt end Fiscal year 2002, (Bush II 1st budget)    $ 6.228 trillion         ($421 billion
deficit added to federal debt)

Public debt end Fiscal year 2003, (Bush II 2nd budget)  $ 6.783 trillion         ($555 billion
deficit added to federal debt)

Public debt end Fiscal year 2004,  (Bush II 3rd budget) $7.379 trillion
($596 billion deficit added to federal debt)

Public debt end Fiscal year 2005, (Bush II 4th budget)  $7.932 trillion          ($553 billion
deficit added to federal debt)

Public debt end Fiscal year 2006, (Bush II 5th budget)  $8.506 trillion  
($574 billion deficit added to federal debt)

Public debt end Fiscal year 2007, (Bush II 6th budget)  $9.007 trillion
($501 billion deficit added to federal debt)

Public debt YTD Fiscal year 2008, (Bush II 7th Budget)  $10.654 trillion                   (
$ 962
billion, 172million, 496 thousand,556 dollars deficit YTD, 12-08-08,
added to federal debt)

This debt increase of $4.8 trillion averages
out to over $600 billion per year!

George Bush and Rep. Mike Pence are now responsible for fiscal year 2008's budget
deficit of close to one trillion dollars.
Shame, shame on you, the voter for remaining  
apathetic and indifferent about this debt legacy to our children, grandchildren and great
grandchildren.  This debt can never be paid!
Your children, grandchildren and great grand-children  will never forgive you!  

Once and for always, I hope this slays the myth that "Reaganomics" aka "supply-side
economics" (tax cuts for the wealthy)  creates jobs and increases federal revenues!

The interest on this debt is costing the taxpayers over $1.5 billion per day!
President Bush is the president responsible for the debt increasing to ten trillion dollars!  
That's right, ten trillion dollars!  How did this happen?

Who will pay this debt?  I am no economist or tax specialist; but common sense should
show this debt has arisen primarily from two sources; (1)    
Exceeding the budget with deficits;
that is spending taxpayers' monies that you don't
have. (2) Extending tax cuts to the rich,
which then causes a shortage in taxes collected.
The government then makes up for these by printing more money or borrowing by issuing
treasury notes and by "embezzling" the Social Security surplus.

Please remember, with this massive debt, which causes a weakening of the dollar,
(devaluation) many things connected to our currency begin to lose value. Investments,
Savings accounts, IRAs, CDs,  and especially, commodities,(oil, grains,.)
We spend more to try to maintain our standard of living!

V.P. Cheney has boasted, "Deficits don't matter!" But they do! Deficits are debt which
has to be repaid with interest!  Remember, just the  interest is costing the taxpayers over
$1.1billion per day!

Dr. Allen W. Smith, Ph.D.,
a Hoosier and economist does an excellent job in detailing what has happened to cause
these budget deficits and America's great debt and its effect on Social Security in his
How The Government Is
Draining America's Retirement Account.

How about Jobs?
If elected, I promise to turn foreign made into American made, foreign trade into
American trade, and  foreign aid into American aid.  George Holland Campaign Promise
of 1988!   

Where are the Jobs, Congressman Burton?" - George Holland's challenge to
Congressman Dan Burton in 1988.
"Where are the Jobs, Congressman Pence?" - George Holland's challenge to
Congressman Mike Pence in 2006.
Where are the jobs, Senator Bayh and Rep. Pence?  George Holland's challenge to Bayh
and Pence in 2008, holding both parties, these "free traders" responsible for "free
trade," "globalization," and the loss of manufacturing jobs.

In 1988, the Reagan-Bush policies of "free trade" had already begun to
destroy our "tariff based" economy.  Remember, "tax cuts" were supposed to create
jobs, which would create more tax revenues.  Every year of the Reagan presidency
created larger and larger trade deficits.  This loss of manufacturing jobs was my first
issue; and that, my friends, was twenty years ago.
I didn't even win Madison County which was home to thousands of jobs in the auto
industry.  Today, those jobs are gone!

In 1980, the income of a C.E.O. of a major corporation was 40X that of the income of the
average worker in his corporation.  Today, the income of a C.E.O. of a major corporation
is 160 X that of the income of the average worker in his corporation.  So who has
benefited from "free trade" and "free markets" and deregulation?  The average worker
or the corporate elite?
ABC Nightly News with Brian Williams recently reported that almost 4 million
manufacturing jobs have been lost in the past decade!

On 02-12-08, Yahoo News carried the following AP release.  "GM posts biggest annual
US auto loss."
Here's what really caught my attention;
"The Detroit-based auto maker said it was offering a new round of buyouts to all 74,000
of its U.S. hourly workers who are represented by the United Auto Workers.  GM won't say
how many workers it hopes to shed, but under its contract with the UAW, it will be able to
replace up to 16,000 workers doing non-assembly jobs with new employees who will be
paid half the old wages of $28 per hour."  

Perhaps these new 16,000 jobs paying $14.00 per hour, half of the
current hourly wage of $28 per hour are the new jobs that Zionist Rep. "Neocon Mike"
Pence boasts about when he claims that tax cuts for the wealthy,
including himself of
course, create new jobs.

How has this happened?  Thom Hartmann's
When Americans No Longer Own America explains!

Now here's more bad news. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are called "off budget"
items and declared as "emergency" spending, (even after six years.) They are being paid
for by "borrowing," not by raising taxes.   
I believe these wars have cost at least another $ trillion YTD.  In addition, Congress and
Bush continue to "plunder" the Social Security Surplus funds
by embezzlement.  This embezzlement of $2.3 trillion has been done in violation of federal
law! But why should you care?  My point is,  the true federal debt, year to date, is  close
to $ 11.0 trillion. Much of this debt, at least 40%, is being held by foreign investors,
especially China & Japan. How can this debt ever be paid off?    

Americans will have to understand that with the massive debt increases by more and more
borrowing and by inflating the money supply, the value of the dollar, which is the
international trade standard, will continue to decline.  Remember, no country uses gold as
their monetary standard.  Our creditor nations will demand more and more interest,
because of the continually weakening dollar and at some
point, will demand to be paid back in a stronger, more stable currency, such as the
"euro."  Already the oil producing countries, OPEC, are talking about switching to and
being paid in the "euro" which will become the international standard of currency for
trade.  When this occurs, our economy, our great country will collapse and some form of
martial law will be established by the elite.  Will you be ready for this?
You have been warned!       

President Bush could have had the best reasons in the world for invading Iraq;  he didn't
of course, it was based on lies, deceit and greed. Due to our huge national debt and huge
personal (family) debt, any wise person would have said, With all of America's debt, is this
war really a smart thing to do?

The Costs of War link, you know that the Iraq war alone has cost over $ 545 billion,
with a projected total cost of over $ 3  trillion. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars have cost
YTD over $850 billion.  W
ho will pay these war costs?

Secretary of Defense Gates is estimating
that next years war costs will be at least $170
billion or more.  This is in addition to the $515.4 billion Pentagon Budget request.  Folks,
that's a lot of money!  It could be spent on better things! Please see
costs of war!

Because Americans do not want more taxes, these war costs will never be paid; as our
economy is collapsing, Bush, McCain, Bayh, Clinton, Obama, Pence and Congress,
(Republicans and Democrats) are financing this war on “the cheap", that is with monies
which have been declared as "emergency funds" but which are not included in the budget,
but shows up in the debt!

So how much is the "true"national debt? Who cares? Who knows?

The Social Security surplus of $2.3 trillion continues to be "embezzled" by Bush, Bayh,
Pence and Congress in order to pay for the "tax cuts" for the very rich. This is their way
of using deceit in order to deceive the American people about who really benefits from the
tax cuts and  about the size of the true budget deficit each year.
In my opinion, these
monies will never be repaid! How can Bush and Congress  repay over two trillion dollars
of embezzled Social Security Trust Funds, (Surplus)?  It can't be done!  
In a blatant violation of Federal law, President Bush, Cheney, Senator Bayh, Rep. Pence
and Congress, ( "Borrow, Embezzle and Spend Conservatives") have effectively  
"embezzeled" the Social Security Trust Surplus, in order to pay for (1) The President' s
tax cut for the very rich!  (2) Also, the monies from this embezzled trust have been
"looted" in order to send Israel, $ 11 million/day, day in and day out, ($5 billion per
year).    Also the new American Embassy in The Green Zone, is now completed with a
new projected cost of $ one billion.  So if you support this war, don't complain that the
warmongers; the Psychopaths, President Bush, Senators Obama, Bayh, McCain, Clinton,
Speaker Pelosi and Zionist Rep. "Neocon Mike" Pence, have looted and embezzled your
financial future.  After all , "Silence is Consent."

Psychopath President Bush, Senator Bayh and Israelphile Rep. "Neocon Mike" Pence use
deceit when they talk about "balancing the budget," "cutting deficit spending"
creating jobs by giving permanent tax cuts to the very rich.!
Please remember, The
National (federal) Debt has increased over $ five trillion dollars under Psychopaths
President Bush, Senator Bayh, and Israelphile Rep. "Neocon Mike" Pence and is still
This is the largest increase in the federal debt, by any president in the shortest period of

President Bush has lied about a "balanced budget," just as he has lied about saving Social
Security, the war and many other things!
Our great country is now faced with a national debt of over $10.0 trillion after the debt
ceiling was raised from $8.1 to $9 trillion and now to $9.815 trillion.
That's a debt limit increase of  $1.72 trillion in less than one year!
CEILING for BORROWINGby Jonathan Weisman and Shailagh Murray). That's $34,000
of debt for every man, woman and child.  It will never be repaid!
Rep. Pence and President Bush have called for permanent tax cuts, but who benefits?  
You must remember, there is a direct correlation between tax cuts for the wealthy and an
ever increasing national debt.  It has been reported that Mr. Bush received  $28,000 more
in income, after taxes, in 2005 compared to 2004!  Mr. Cheney, a muti-millionaire
received $ 1.1 million more income, after taxes, in 2005 than in 2004!  
With Zionist Rep.
"Neocon Mike" Pence's six figure income, ($200,000) how many tens of thousands did he
"pocket" because of the tax cut!
With the tax cuts, the debt ceiling was raised another $900 billion, so who benefits?
Budget Calls for Renewal of Tax Cuts� by Andrew Taylor). Is the deficit really being
reduced by Bush and Congress, or is it political B.S.? (
Don't let Congress fool you with
deficit reductional bill" from USA Today).  Who will pay this debt and when?  The
national (federal) debt has increased at least $3.6 trillion under Psychopath President
Bush and Zionist Rep. "Neocon Mike" Pence ! Only the very wealthy benefit from the
Bush-Pence permanent tax cuts!
V.P. Cheney may boast, Deficits donate matter, but they do! "In 2005 the average
household in America was paying almost $1600 a year for this interest. By 2015, the
burden will be two and a half times larger:  $4300 per year." ("What the Federal Budget
Deficits Will Mean to You",
A start to restore fiscal sanity and
a balanced budget has to be (1) the stopping of deficit
No more budget deficits! (2) The current tax rate of 15% on Capital Gains
income has to be stopped and this income taxed as regular income. (3)
The tax cuts for the
wealthy have to be rescinded and a progressive income tax put into place  immediately!  (4)
The Federal Reserve should be abolished and the printing of money should be under the
control of the Treasury department.  (5) There should be a legal limit on the amount of
"new" paper money introduced into the economy each year.
If the middle and working classes have to pay more than their fair share of  this debt then
why shouldn't the wealthy pay their fair share? The middle and lower classes are getting
"screwed" by the Bush-Cheney-McCain Reid-McConnel-Pelosi-Hoyer-Boehner-Pence
"tax cuts." _
(6) All corporations, especially multinationals, doing business in the U.S. should pay their
fair share of taxes, before taking those profits out of the U.S.
All off shore corporations, (tax havens) have to be terminated.  If
corporations sell ity here , they must pay a fair tax on that profit!
The continuing scam of "supply side" economics being perpetuated by the likes of Senator
John McCain and Rep. Mike Pence has to be stopped.  After 25 years of "supply side
Reaganomics", Americans know there are no "trickle down" benefits to the working
"Supply side Reaganomics," via tax cuts have created more wealth for the ultra rich,
placing a greater tax burden upon the middle and working classes.

Reagan's 1981 "Program For Economic Recovery"featuring the Kemp-Roth
tax cuts, (supply side economics) should now, after 25 years, be
known as the "Program For Economic Disaster."   
Our government was in existence for two centuries before our national debt, under
Reagan, reached one $ trillion. Within four years, the national debt had doubled to over
two $ trillion. Today, twenty years later, the national debt is over eleven trillion dollars,
our economy has "tanked," American families are into "negative savings"and  as Thom
Hartmann reminds us in his
When Americans No Longer Own America, "Our nation's
largest employer has gone from being the unionized General Motors to the poverty-wages
Now, do you the reader and voter understand why Rep. Mike Pence is a
coward when he refuses to debate me?  How can he defend these policies?
Zionist Rep. Pence would have everyone believe that tax cuts for the very wealthy
$130,000 for a person with an income of $1 million) create jobs.  IF THIS IS TRUE,
CHRYSLER AND CITICORP! ! Again, this is so much political B.S. Every industrial
nation has to export in order to have a viable economy! The more exports, compared to
imports, the stronger the economy.  
The U. S. economy has been worsening and the
standard of living is steadily falling for America's families! More American families are
living in deep poverty!

There is an old saying that whenever your neighbor loses his job, it's a recession, but
when you lose your job, it's a depression!.
Home foreclosures increased 75% in 2007!
Home foreclosures in 2008 have increased by 54% over 2007!
Americans have no one to blame but themselves for their job losses, etc.  Here in Indiana,
Congress has remained in Republican hands for over twenty years!  .
Israelphile Rep. Pence, Senator Bayh and Bush, believe in CAFTA, NAFTA, GATT and
WTO and globalization!  All three
would have Americans believe that outsourcing and
"offshoring" create jobs!  
U.S. Trade Deficit Hit All -Time High in 2005 by Vikas Bajaj)  
Those countries who have huge trade surpluses with the U.S. are able to take those
profits and (1) buy up more and more of our national debt, and also (2) use that money to
buy more and more control of American companies.
What has happened to our once great country with a booming economy and thus
prosperity?  One of the most practical papers explaining this is
When Americans No
Longer Own Americaby Thom Hartman.  This is a must read.

What has been the driving factors in the outsourcing and offshoring of American jobs and
globalization and a lower standard of living?  Four words!  Cheaper Labor -
CORPORATE GREED!  Remember, 4 million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the
past decade! Now is any one stupid enough to believe Zionist Rep. "Neocon Mike" Pence
or Senator Bayh when they  say that tax cuts, (for the wealthy) create jobs? (1)
February, Chrysler announced 13,000 job cuts, that's 132,000 jobs lost in the auto industry
since May, 2005!
(2) On March 27, 2007 Citicorp announced it may cut as many as 15,000 jobs!
(3) March 26, 2007 on Yahoo News, "Intel plans $2.5B chip factory in China."
(4) Kodak Corporation had cut 25,000 to 27,000 jobs since 2004 and last year announced
another 3,000 lay offs.
(5) Pfizer Corporation recently announced 10,000 job cuts, 2200 of which are to be U.S.
sales positions.
(6) Citigroup, the nation's largest financial institution announced on April 11, 2007 that it
was cutting 17,000 jobs.

I have included two papers to help make this point. ("American Axle to unions: deal or
new work goes overseas" by Terry Kosdrosky) ("Dell to Hire 5,000 People in India" by
Rahesh Mahapatra) This would make 15,000 Dell Corporation jobs in India. What has
happened at the Delphi and Visteon plants in Anderson, Kokomo and Connersville  is
simply a continuation of the destruction of the American  working class family. (
Seen Asking Judge to Cancel Deals" by Dee-Ann Durbin) GM,  WHILE DOWNSIZING
What happens because of the huge trade deficits, the dollar keeps falling!
Armageddon Predicted" by Brent Arends)
Americans are swimming in debt, with the average family paying about three thousand
dollars annually, in credit card debt interest.  How cautious should Americans be?  
("Savings Rate at Lowest Level Since 1933" by Martin Crutsinger) which states "A
negative savings rate means that Americans spent all their disposable income, the amount
left over after paying taxes and dipped into their past savings to finance their purchases".
Is there any hope for our economy to benefit from high tech jobs?  In past years, I have
thought so, but now I do not.  The future for the benefits of high tech jobs is in Asia.  
(Tech Companies Focus on Asia To Expand Jobs) Technology  companies are seeing a
rebound in business, but top executives this week said any  jobs added to meet growing
demand will likely be in countries where labor is cheaper than the United States.
In closing on this section on the economy, I have used third party material in order to
document the seriousness of our economy.  Rep. Mike Pence has been in office for eight
years and like Mr. Bush, he has turned his back on America's working class families, being
a  supporter of "globalization."  The Sixth District voters apparently want to stay the
course  and watch the "offshoring " of jobs to China and India.  The Economy can be
improved only by "changing course" back to a tariff based economy, by changing
Congressional representation, but the voters have rejected this by re-electing Rep. Mike
Pence.  So to the workers at Delphi and Visteon,; you have sown the seeds of your job
loss  by either supporting Rep. Pence or your apathy and indifference to your job
situation.  Will you the voter help me restore  good jobs for America by supporting my
candidacy and voting for me?
George Holland For Congress - 2018
THE "Prince of Peace" Peace Candidate!
A Reform, Populist, Progressive, Independent!
A Christian, Anti-Zionist, USAF-NATO, Anti-War Veteran!
"Putting America, Not Zionist Israel First"
"Why die for a lie?  Why die for a nuclear armed "Greater Israel:
The Zionist Plan for The Middle East

"When Zionist warmongering fascist Presidents, Congress, and politicians lie, poor
people suffer and die"   
The average age of an American KIA in Iraq was 23 years old, from a family
with a annual median income of only $ 30,000.00  

There were no WMD in Iraq!

"Mission Accomplished!"  George Bush

"To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." Voltaire

There were no WMD in Iraq!

The War on Iraq: Conceived in Israel

There were no WMD in Iraq!

"Mission Accomplished!"  George Bush

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9

Are you a child of God or a warmonger? gth

Putting American Families, Jobs, Seniors and
Students First:
Not "The War Party," War Profit$, Oil Profit$, AIPAC, A nuclear armed, Zionist
Israel or Wall $treet.

America's "War on Terrorism": The truth will Prevail

An excerpt: Amply documented but rarely mentioned in mainstream news, ISIS is
a creation of US intelligence, recruited, trained and
financed by the US and its
allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar,
Turkey, Israel and Jordan.  

Those who ordered the bombing campaign are those who are behind the Caliphate
Project. The Islamic State militia, which is currently the
alleged target of  a US-
NATO bombing campaign under a “counter-
terrorism” mandate, is  supported
covertly by the United States and
its allies.

What this means is that the ISIS terrorists are the foot soldiers of the Western
alliance. While America claims to be targeting ISIS, in reality
it is protecting ISIS.
The air campaign is intent upon destroying Syria
and Iraq rather than “going after
the terrorists”.

P. O. Box 651,  Rushville, IN 46173

The New World Order (Bilderberger?) of The Bushs, The Clintons
and Barack Obama and Its Economic Terrorism On The American

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