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The New World Order (Bilderberger?) of The
Bushs, The Clintons and Barack Obama
and Its Economic
Terrorism On The American People.
i.e.,Eventual economic collapse with endless
wars based on lies, deceit and greed, endless
debt, endless printing of "fiat" money, endless
high unemployment, increasing poverty and the
abolition of cherished "safety nets" such as
Social Security and Medicare. Is America's
future a world government and currency and a
probable police state?

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Attention Seniors! Read This Obama Social  Security Scam

Issue one:(a) The Looting of Social Security
Has Obama done what Rep. Pence couldn't do: That is,
"destroy Social Security" and put Grandma & Grandpa out
on the street?
Payroll tax cut undermines Social Security's security
If Social Security becomes just another line item in the
federal budget, what's to save it from being swept up in an
across-the-board orgy of spending reductions?
February 19, 2012 Michael Hiltzik  L.A. Times

Issue one (b):  True Health Care Reform: Medicare For All!

A Must Read:("for fair use") Funding a National Single-Payer
"Medicare for All" would save System billions, and could be
redistributive. By Gerald Friedman- a professor of economics at the
University of Massachusetts-Amherst.   

Issue Two: The Economy
1) Debt, debt and more debt! The next and last bubble, THE

2) Rep. Pence and President Obama;  After 11  years of "tax
cuts" for the wealthy;  Where are the jobs you promised?

Bill & Hillary Clinton's NAFTA has cost 670,000 lost
American jobs!

Obama's, Bill & Hillary Clinton's KORUS FTA will cost
American workers 159,000 more lost jobs!|

Had enough New World Order Wars based on lies, deceit
and greed?  Would you die for a lie?  Why should others?

(1) No War With Iran!           
Iran has no nuclear weapons:  Israel has 200-400 nuclear
warheads to threaten its Arab neighbors.  Should we bomb
Israel, Instead?

(2) Causes of The Iraq War
"Study: False statements preceded war."  There
were 935 lies in a two year period.

"Truth was first U.S. casualty in Iraq War."  

(a) "Blood Money"  (excerpts):  "Weapons of mass destruction are a
smokescreen."  "The drive behind this war
is ideological in nature, a crusade to 'reform' the religion of Islam as it
exists in both government and society within the Middle East."
"The first step towards the establishment of this Pax Americana is, and
has always been, the removal of Saddam Hussein and the establishment
of an American protectorate in Iraq. The purpose of this is threefold: 1)
To acquire control of the oilheads so as to fund the entire enterprise; 2)
To fire a warning shot across the bows of every leader in the Middle
East; 3) To establish in Iraq a military staging area for the eventual
invasion and overthrow of several Middle Eastern regimes, including
some that are allies of the United States."
(b)  The Surge  (The following is excerpted)
"Neocon godfather Norman Podhoretz set out the plan for Middle East conquest
several years ago in Commentary magazine. It is a plan for Muslim genocide. In
place of physical extermination of Muslims, Podhoretz advocates their cultural
destruction by deracination. Islam is to be torn out by the roots and reduced to
a purely formal shell devoid of any real beliefs.
Podhoretz disguises the neoconservative attack against diversity with
contrived arguments, but its real purpose is to use the US military to subdue
Arabs and to create space for Israel to expand.
Not enough Americans are aware that this is what the "war on terror" is all

(c)The New U.S. British Oil Imperialism By Norman D.
(excerpts)"The U.S. invasion of Iraq to loot its oil and
politically restructure the Middle East, is part of a policy of
military imperialism that the American and British ruling
circles have been engaged in for several centuries."
"Now that the Afghanistan portion of the "war on terrorism"
is concluded--with permanent U.S. military bases in
Uzbekistan and Afghanistan in place--where next will the
Standard Oil-influenced U.S. government look to gain
further control over oil in the world? Coincidentally, most of
those places are in countries which have been branded as
harborers of terrorists: Iraq, Syria, Iran, and South America,
among others."

"Iraq, which recently discovered an oil field in its western
desert, is widely regarded as having more oil than Saudi
Arabia once its deposits are developed."

"But the Standard Oil/Bush imperialists don't concern
themselves with the threat of China in the Middle East.
They've seized control of Iraq's oil and now have their eye
on Syria's and Iran's oil as well. We're now in phase two of
the war on terrorism: invading countries that Bush says
harbor terrorists, with the real intent to seize those
countries' energy sources. And since U.S.-British a.k.a.
Standard Oil imperialism now--since 9/11--results in the
killing of American civilians, we can say that the next phase
of the war on terrorism will soon be at a theater near you."

(3) The Turkmeni$tan -Afghani$tan- Paki$tan-Pipeline War$

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Please read "The Issues Page First!  If you want more
information on the other concerns, please read that
particular page.  
Caution:  This web page contains "documented" materials
which may upset some people!  Please read with an open,
understanding mind!
As an American veteran, I use some strong adjectives in
describing some of the  officials who are responsible for
these wars and occupations based on lies, deceit and greed.

Updated May 7, 2012
Congressional Leaders Say Taliban Is Stronger  
By ANNE FLAHERTY 05/06/12 12:48 PM ET  

Congressional Intel Chairs:
Taliban ‘Stronger’ Since Obama’s 2009 Surge  
Posted By Jason Ditz On May 6, 2012 @ 4:52 pm In News

The NATO Turkmeni$tan-Tran$-Afghani$tan-
Paki$tani-India Pipeline War$ and Occupation$
Would you die for a lie?  Why should others? gth
"Study: False statements preceded war."  There
were 935 lies in a two year period.
"Truth was first U.S. casualty in Iraq War."  

The following are excerpted from:
The New U.S.-British Oil Imperialism
By Norman D. Livergood
"The U.S. invasion of Iraq to loot its oil and
politically restructure the Middle East, is part of
a policy of military imperialism that the American
and British ruling circles have been engaged in
for several centuries."

"The so-called anti-terrorist strategy is clearly
designed to simultaneously consolidate control
over Middle Eastern and South Asian oil, and
contain and neutralize the former Soviet Union.
With that strategy, Afghanistan is exactly where
they need to be."

Please read: (1) "Study: False statements preceded
war."  There were 935 lies in a two year period.
President Bush lied 259 times.  Secretary of State Colin
Powell lied 254
times.  National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice lied 56
How many times did Senators Clinton, Lugar,  Obama,
and Reps. Ackerman and "AIPAC Mike" Pence lie?
Also please read
"Truth was first U.S. casualty in Iraq War."  

Please read "Blood Money".

Poll: Overwhelming US Opposition to Afghan
Posted By Jason Ditz On March 11, 2012 @ 4:44 pm In News |

General Dwight D. Eisenhower said it best:
"Every gun that is made, every warship
launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final
sense, a theft from those who hunger and are
not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed".

A Bomber Jacket Doesn’t Cover the Blood
Posted By Norman Solomon On March 29, 2010

US deaths double in Afghanistan as troops pour in
US deaths, wounded in Afghanistan outpace last year's rate
as reinforcements arrive
Seven Years Into the War in Iraq, Military Families Say:
'Bring Our Troops Home Now' Family Members of Fallen
Soldiers and Families of Troops Currently Deployed in Iraq
and Afghanistan Available for Interview     
Reproduced for "fair use" from

Obama’s Potemkin Afghanistan Posted By Justin
Raimondo On March 9, 2010
@ 11:00 pm from

Published on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 by The Washington Post
House Liberals Force Vote on Pullout From Afghanistan by
Perry Bacon Jr.
Dear Friends:  I have opposed the invasion and occupation
of Afghanistan by NATO troops, primarily American troops
before it began.    As a USAF-NATO  veteran, I do have some
insight into the difficulties faced by our troops.  I have sat
down and listened, four different times, to Russian troops,
(Afghanstis) who served in Afghanistan.  Obama, Panetta,
CIA Director Paetraus and Rep. Pence are fools on a
fool's errand.  There is nothing to "win" in this very poor,
undeveloped third world country.  As you read  this entire
page, you will understand why I have said this war is based
on lies, deceit and greed.  Hillary Clinton lied to Americans
when she exclaimed, "Oh, I didn't know", in regards to
claims that Iraq had WMD.  She knew that Iraq had no WMD
as I also knew.  That is why I opposed that invasion also.   If
America is truly threatened by these "terrorists," then why
aren't those who stand to lose the most; Rep. Pence,
Senators Lugar and the ultra rich, the Corporate CEOs, the
members of Congress, the Bushes, the Clintons and all the
rest of the warmongers in Afghanistan doing the fighting,
dieing, killing and suffering? The average age of an
American KIA in Iraq was 23 years of age, from a family of
$ 30,000 median income.
My responsibility as a Christian, a veteran and Candidate for
Congress is to inform Americans with my knowledge and
my research.  Please read this page thoroughly!  Most of
these articles are by "experts," who have knowledge of what
is happening in Afghanistan.  I AM WARNING YOU OF THE
"Oh, I didn't know."        

The Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline (TAP or TAPI) is a proposed
natural gas pipeline being developed by the Asian
Development Bank. The pipeline will transport Caspian Sea
natural gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan into
Pakistan and then to India.

Final price talks in May for TAPI pipeline

Please read Dr. Norman D. Livergood's, The New U. S.
British Oil Imperialism  Reproduced from "The New

Paul Thompson's excellent and well documented, Central
Asian Oil, Enron And The Afghanistan Pipelines;
which chronologically documents America's involvement in
supporting the building of a Turkmenistan-Trans-
Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline, from the early 1990's
and U.S. involvment and negotiations with the Taliban,
including a threat to bomb the Taliban back into the stone
age with "carpet bombings" if the Taliban did not agree to a
U.S. north-south Turkmenistan-Trans-Afghanistan-Pakistani

Afghanistan sitting on a gold mine.
The USGS estimates there are about 700 billion cubic metres
of gas and 300 million tonnes of oil across several northern
KABUL — Afghanistan is sitting on a wealth of mineral
reserves -- perhaps the richest in the region -- that offer
hope for a country mired in poverty after decades of war, the
mining minister says.
Significant deposits of copper, iron, gold, oil and gas, and
coal -- as well as precious gems such as emeralds and
rubies -- are largely untapped and still being mapped,
Mohammad Ibrahim Adel told AFP.
Reproduced from RAWA NEWS

US-NATO Using Military Might To Control World Energy
Resources Pentagon's Global Mission To Secure Oil And
Gas Supplies
By Rick Rozoff
Global Research, September 22, 2009
Pacifying Afghanistan: a dangerous dream
Washington"If Gen. Stanley McChrystal prevails in
persuading President Obama to insert more US troops in
Afghanistan, do Americans understand the difficulty of the
task they'd face?
Do they understand that even more of our young men and
women would be charged with pacifying a savage
mountainous land the size of Texas? One where nearly
every male older than 8 stands willing to die in the fight
against foreign occupiers?"
By Walter Rodgers   Yahoo!.News

Michael Moore warns Obama over Afghanistan
"I passed on to him a personal request from my father and
his Japanese friend: 'Mr. Obama, you do not know war. We
both know war and want it no more'," he told reporters

Our Corrupt Occupation of Afghanistan
"Is it just me, or is the pontification of Western leaders
about corruption in Afghanistan growing rather tiresome?
There is something very Captain Renault about it. We're
shocked, shocked that the Afghans have sullied our morally
immaculate occupation of their country with their dirty
corruption. How ungrateful can they be?
But perhaps we should consider the possibility that our
occupation of the country is not so morally immaculate -
indeed, that the most corrupt racket going in Afghanistan
today is the American occupation."
By Robert Naiman, Friday, Nov. 13, 2009,

No More Troops to Afghanistan “Honor Veterans
by Bringing Our Troops Home!” CommonDreams.
org November 10, 2009
Celeste Zappala, the mother of Sgt. Sherwood Baker who
was killed in action in Iraq in 2004 and was the first member
of the Pennsylvania National Guard to die in combat since
World War II, declares, "It serves no purpose to have more
service members and civilians die in Afghanistan, where the
military occupation is part of the problem, not part of the
solution. There wasn't a clear mission in Iraq, and there
certainly isn't a clear mission in Afghanistan. A surge of
troops is exactly the wrong approach and will just ensure
that more families will experience the unbearable and
unending pain that my family has experienced. It will be no
honor to my son or family to have more troops deployed
and killed." For over five years, Celeste and her family have
spoken up for nonviolent solutions to conflicts as members
of Gold Star Families Speak Out..

Rep. Eric Massa VIDEO: War In  Afghanistan
Must End Huffington Post   |  Gazelle Emami
First Posted: 11- 5-09 12:22 PM   |   Updated: 11- 5-09 01:12 PM

U.S. ambassador dissents on Afghan troop
increase Strongly worded cables urge a pause until Kabul government
shifts course
By Greg Jaffe, Scott Wilson And Karen DeYoung
Washington Post Staff Writer   Wednesday, November 11, 2009 7:01 PM
The U.S. ambassador in Kabul sent two classified cables to
Washington in the last week expressing deep concerns
about sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan until Afghan
President Hamid Karzai's government demonstrates that it is
willing to tackle the corruption and mismanagement that
has fueled the Taliban's rise, said senior U.S. officials.

Happy Birthday, Pat Tillman
Posted on Nov 6, 2009  By Kevin Tillman
Kevin honors Pat

In Afghanistan and at home, we're being driven off a cliff
Smith November 27, 2009
"President Obama says this is a war we must win. Retired
Army Col. Andrew J. Bacevich, a professor of international
relations and history at Boston University, who has written
widely on military power and its limitations, says it's a war
we cannot win."

Time To Bring Home The Troops
Jennifer Brunner Ohio Secretary Of State; candidate for U.S. Senate
Posted: November 29, 2009  The Huffington Post
"The impact of this conflict on the United States, and my
home state of Ohio, is unacceptable. As the cost to
American and Ohioans' lives increases, billions are spent
each month on the conflict in Afghanistan, ballooning our
national debt and diverting resources we desperately need
here at home."
"Given the increasing death toll in Afghanistan, it is clear
that progress in the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban
has slowed or worsened. We cannot remedy this by simply
sending additional troops, given the conditions and
corruption in Afghanistan.

We cannot continue to justify the expenditure of blood and
treasure without defining success for both the conflict and
the region. In essence, we need to hear what we never heard
from President Bush: What does it mean to "win" in

Army says morale down among troops in
By PAULINE JELINEK, Associated Press Writer  Nov. 13, 2009

Taliban gain foothold in once-stable Afghan
north Hal Bernton | McClatchy Newspapers,
Novembetr 13, 2009

Afghanistan: Groundhog day   
* Editorial
* The Guardian, Wednesday 4 November 2009

Dear Friends:  There are many conservatives who care for
"the common good."
Please read Dr. Paul Craig Roberts' article, an
"The Evil Empire" Posted By Paul Craig Roberts
On November 6, 2009   
An exerpt:  "Obama inherited an excellent opportunity to
bring US soldiers home from the Bush regime’s illegal wars
of aggression.  In its final days, the Bush regime realized
that it could "win" in Iraq by putting the Sunni insurgents
on the US military payroll.  Once Bush had 80,000
insurgents collecting US military pay, violence, although
still high, dropped in half.  All Obama had to do was to
declare victory and bring our boys home,
thanking Bush for winning the war.  It would have shut up
the Republicans.

But this sensible course would have impaired the profits
and share prices of those firms that comprise the
military/security complex.  So instead of doing what Obama
said he would do and what the voters elected him to do,
Obama restarted the war in Afghanistan and launched a new
one in Pakistan.  Soon Obama was echoing Bush and
Cheney’s threats to attack Iran.
In place of health care for Americans, there will be more
profits for private insurance companies.
In place of peace there will be more war."

Recent Updates  October 31, 2009
Dear Friends:  Eighteen more Americans were killed in
Afghanistan this week!  It is past time to withdraw and bring
our troops home. /gth
Afghanistan a Success – Time to Come Home! by Karen
Reproduced for “fair use” from
An excerpt: "Thinking people everywhere see our
Afghanistan experience as a crash of 20th-century American
empire on the 21st-century rocks of reality. The contraction
of our empire – happening today in monetary as well as
military terms – is at least a full generation overdue. The
false sustenance of a financial bubble corresponds with the
failing sustenance of military empire. Our children are the
first generation who are not citizens, but Caesar’s slaves,
bound to a life of fear and labor, made bearable only by their
inchoate dreams of freedom. The military-industrial
complex, a benign tumor in the days of Eisenhower, has
metastasized to the extent that generals run Washington
and the fourth estate exists solely to serve the imperial

Former Marine Captain Resigns in Protest of Afghanistan
by  by Glenn Greenwald  Published on Tuesday, October 27,
2009 by
Top civilian in Southern province argues we're exacerbating the problem we're
supposedly there to solve.
An excerpt: "Matthew Hoh, a former Marine captain with
combat experience in Iraq, resigned last month from his
position with the Foreign Service, where he was the the
senior U.S. civilian in the Taliban-dominated Southern
Afghanistan province of Zabul, because he became
convinced that our war in that country will not only
inevitably fail, but is fueling the very insurgency we are
trying to defeat. "

Hey Obama, Your General McChrystal Is Trying To Sucker
You On Afghanistan  
By Scott Ritter, Truthdig, Oct. 31, 2009

"American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army
Martin Fletcher at Forward Operating Base in Wardak province, Afghanistan
Reproduced for “fair use” from TIMESONLINE

Dear Friends:  At least 8 American soldiers died this past
week when a very remote outpost, in Afghanistan, was
'Almost a Lost Cause'
One of the deadliest attacks of the Afghan war is a symbol of the U.S. military's
By Greg Jaffe Washington Post Staff Writer  Sunday, October 4, 2009
An excerpt:  "Nine U.S. soldiers were killed and 27 were
wounded during the July 13, 2008, attack, which raged for
several hours and was one of the bloodiest of the Afghan
war. Among the dead was Brostrom."

Friends: This battle occurred over 3 years ago. In 1986, as a
former hawk on Vietnam, I first ran for Congress warning the
American sheeple that our great country must stay out of
"foreign entanglements."  As you read my documentation of
"third party" materials;  I hope you will understand
why the occupation of Afghanistan was doomed
to fail !  This debacle has been a tragic loss of American
lives; especially young Americans from the working class,
the poor and minorities!  It is past time to bring our troops

Dear Friends:  If you will notice I start most pages with the
"Study:  False Statements preceded war."  It is important
that all patriotic Americans understand that the invasions
and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq were based on
lies, deceit and greed.
To send our American troops to wars, based on these lies,
deceit and greed is not the American way.  This is not the
"Christian" way.This is not USAF-NATO veteran George
Holland's way!
This is not "patriotism!"  This is "fascism"!
To continue to send American troops to wars, after these
lies have become known is not "patriotism," but "fascism,"
such as was
popular in Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy.  To continue
to send troops to Iraq, after our troops have stated they
wanted a "complete" withdrawal was "fascism" or "ultra -
nationalism."Because these wars, under international laws,
are illegal, thus they are "criminal"   About 70% of Americans
wanted our troops out of Iraq! This is why I describe former  
Speaker Pelosi and those members of Congress who
continued to finance these "criminal" wars as "petro-
fascists" and  warmongers.   In my opinion;  I truly believe
that one of the reasons the U.S. will be in Iraq indefinitely is
to aid Israel in its territorial and military expansions in the
Middle East.
America is a bankrupt nation, both morally and financially!
America cannot afford to continue these occupations and

The Bush administration and A Republican
controlled Congress have tried to persuade the American
that NATO Forces, including Americans, were in Afghanistan
to find and destroy Osama bin Laden and al Qaida.  
The newest American  government of Barack Obama
and the  Democratic party are now following in Bush's
footsteps; trying to convince the American people that the
Taliban is our enemy and must be defeated so "peace" can
be established and there will no longer be any threat to
another terrorist attack.

Obama, like Bush, is a "fool" on a "fool's errand."
NATO  Forces, especially America troops, are not in
Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban, but by our permanent
military presence; I believe, to (1) "ruthlessly crush" any
opposition to the
NATO 'north-south' pipelines which will carry Caspian Sea
oil and natural gas from Turkmenistan to the Indian Ocean.
(2) Also to isolate Russia geopolitically. (3) And to rape
Afghanistan of  its natural resources, especially natural gas
and oil!
Folks, there are  several important published "must read"
sources which clearly outline why we are involved in The
Middle East and The Euro-Asia area.  
(1) Dr. Norman D.
Livergood's, The New U. S. British Oil Imperialism and (2)
Paul Thompson's excellent and well
documented, Central
Asian Oil, Enron, And The Afghanistan Pipelines; which
chronologically documents America's involvement in
supporting the building of a Turkmenistan-Trans-
Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline,
from the early 1990's
and U.S. involvment and negotiations with the Taliban,
including a threat to bomb the Taliban back into the stone
age with "carpet bombings" if the Taliban did not agree to a
U.S. north-south Turkmenistan-Trans-Afghanistan-Pakistani
Paul Thompson's Central Asian Oil, Enron and The
Afghanistan Pipelines in a multi colored paper.  It may be
hard to read and  some  links may be too old  for reference.  
With apologies to Mr. Thompson, I have reproduced this
paper at the end of this web page.  Please scroll down for
easier reading, if needed! Thank You!   

Russia spent ten years, from 1979 to 1989, suffering heavy
losses of life, monies and equipment trying to accomplish
the construction of their own  pipeline!   

After eight years of NATO and American troops in
Afghanistan, why does Obama believe he can accomplish
"victory" in Afghanistan?  Please read, "More Troops, More
Worries, Less Consensus in Afghanistan."  by Jim Lobe,  Inter
Press Service, Feb. 4, 2009 published in
Please remember that Afghanistan is one of the poorest, most
primitive countries in the world.  Most of its citizens have no
concept of a "central" government loyal to America's stooge,
President Karzai.  Most Afghans do well just to make it
through the day with adequate food and shelter.  What in
God's name
are the  fascist, militarists of America; Obama, Biden,
Clinton, Pelosi, Hoyer, Boehner, Pence, McConnell and the
others doing by subjecting the poor of this country to their
whims and the effects of war on poor people. Please read
"Afghanistan:  Tens of thousands of People Displaced by
Fighting and Hunger. Amnesty International, Feb.18, 2009, published in
Are these Zionists representing Christian America trying to  
establish the north-south pipeline, as part of America's "New
World Empire" (2) Trying to isolate Russian influence,
geopolitically and militarily in the Caspian Sea Basin region  
(3) and is this part of carrying on a program for the genocide
of the moslem world?       

Obama and America can't say they weren't warned!
"British envoy says mission in Afghanistan is doomed;
according to leaked memo".  'Britain’s Ambassador to Afghanistan has
stoked opposition to the allied operation there by reportedly saying that the
campaign against the Taleban insurgents would fail and that the best hope was
to install an acceptable dictator in Kabul'.   
From The Times, October 2, 2008, by Charles Breman, Paris and Michael Evans,
Defense Editor
Also, "Last Russian General Warns U.S. on Afghanistan."
By Jim Heinz, Associated Press , Reproduced from Yahoo News!
Also, "Russians Mark Anniversary of Afghans Wars End." By
Gregory Feifer    NPR   Feb. 15, 2009

NATO's "ruthless" crushing of any opposition is beginning
to take a very heavy toll on the civilians populations of both
Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Any gathering of civilians is now
considered "fair game "for "Bomber" Obama's drone planes
and missile attacks.  

One base which houses these drone-killing machines!  
Google Earth Reveals Secret History of U.S. Base in
Pakistan.  By Jeremy Rose, Feb. 19, 2009, the Times
Online/UK, reproduced from

"Wedding" parties have been the most attacked!  An
American drone with its sophisticated missiles can't tell the
difference between a wedding celebration and a group of
"insurgents' or "militants, whatever these are!              

Speaker Pelosi has been to Afghanistan, so she can not say
she was unaware that civilians, especially children, were
being killed in these attacks.  The latest attack victims
included six women and two children.   
"U.S.: 13 civilians killed in Afghan Operation."     by Jason
Straziuso, AP News, Feb.21, 2009.
Some of these attacks have murdered  as many as 90 people.
"U.N. Confirms 90 Afghan Civilians Killed in US Attack."
compiled by Jason Ditz, News From
Sixty children were among the murdered!
Another attack murdered at least five children.  Please see:
"Killings of 5 Afghan children inflame tensions."
By Amir Shah, Associated Press Writer, Monday, September 1, 2008.  
Reproduced from Yahoo!News
"Afghan Airstrikes Kill 76
Afghanistan, 20 more dead civilians

Speaker Pelosi apparently  was not upset by these deaths of
women and children.  Pelosi has been one of America's
biggest supporters of Israel's recent criminal (?) invasion of
Gaza which resulted in 346 Gazan children being  killed by
the Israeli Defense (?) Forces.   

(1)  'Sustained' Push Seen In Afghanistan
U.S. Commander Says Troop Level of 60,000 Is Needed for  at least Three to Four
By Ann Scott Tyson, Washington Post Staff Writer, Feb. 19, 2009

(2)  Who Are The Taliban?  The Afghan War Deciphered.
By Anand Gopal- Dec. 9, 2008  Alternet  
(This is a lengthy read, but very informative.)

(3)  Afghanistan.  Too much ground, Too Few Troops.
By Ron Shirtz, Dec. 18, 2008, Reproduced from

(4)  The Aimless War:  Why Are We in Afghanistan?
By Joe Klein, Time Magazine, Dec. 11, 2008 Reproduced From Yahoo News!

Updated March 12, 2012   Dear Friends:  As you know, the
invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was based on the
administration and Congress'  claims that Osama bin Laden
and al-Qaida and The Taliban, (the overthrown former  ruling
government of Afghanistan)  were behind the tragic events
of 9-11.  On that claim and the charge that The Taliban
refused to hand over Osama bin Laden to American officials,
the U.S. started an extensive air war and invasion to defeat
The Taliban government and enable "the Northern Army,'
made up mostly of Turkmenistanis to seize control of Kabul.  
The U.S. placed a puppet government and President Karzai,
a Unocal official in power.  Eleven years later, America is
"bogged" down in a "quagmire" war, The Taliban are
increasing in strength and numbers and NATO Forces are
facing world wide outrage for the killing of innocent
Afghanistan and Pakistani women and children.
NATO forces now are going across the border into Pakistan
in pursuit of The Taliban forces.

Please read,
"Oil, not Democracy."
I am starting this section with Catherine Austin Fitts
"foreword" in
"Crossing The Rubicon". It should send an
immense fear of those who control our government and
especially Congress.  America is  a plutocracy, controlled by
an oligarchy of ultra rich corporate and political elites!!
Catherine Austin Fitts, starts a letter to Condi Rice, regarding
Rice's testimony before the 9-11 commission, with
"You are a
 also in the letter, she admonishes Rice, "You are guilty
of criminal gross negligence.  If you want to catch a terrorist
today, you need look no further than your own mirror."

These statements should apply to virtually every  member
of  Bush's administration and Congress who have supported
these invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq!
It should be clear to all concerned Americans that the lies,
deceit and greed which were the basis for the invasion of
Iraq have been  used by President Bush, President Obama,
Reps.  Pelosi,  Hoyer,  Ackerman, Pence and Senators
McCain  and others  are leading the "charge" for AIPAC
wishes to have the U.S. invade Iran.  

Indiana's own,  former Senator Bayh was the Senate sponsor
of "The Iran War Resolution."  Americans should remember
that former Senator Bayh is an attorney and was the co-
sponsor of President Bush's criminal carnage war, "The Iraq
War."   There were no WMD in Iraq as claimed!  Senator
Bayh, as an attorney, should have demanded from President
Bush, as I did from Rep. Pence, "Where is  your evidence of
WMD?"  Instead, being a loyal, warmongering member of
"The War Party," Senator Bayh jumped on the war train
before it ever left the station.

Because the U.S. is now involved in fighting and/or  funding
wars in many separate countries; Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,
Pakistan and Yemen, I have decide to have separate web
pages for these two war areas;
The Iraq-Iran Wars and The Turkmkenistan-Trans-
Afghanistan-Pakistani-India Pipeline Wars.   Are all these
related by the common thread of American Imperialism and
Israeli expansion aggression?  Again,  for those who can
remember the catastrophic events of 9-11, America was told
that the Taliban government in Afghanistan, at that time, had
given sanctuary to Osama bin Laden, the supposed
"mastermind" behind the 9-11" attacks.  The Bush
administration told America that the Taliban refused to
"hand over" Osama bin Laden and was subsequently
invaded by America. Today,  years later, Americans are told
that we are "fighting terrorism" in Afghanistan.  Is this the
truth?  This web page will hopefully shed rays of truth onto
this war via documented facts which vary greatly from the
propaganda of The Republican Bush administration and
their complicit  fellow war mongers;  President Obama, Sec'y
Clinton  Reid, Biden, Pelosi, Hoyer,    Pence, Ackerman and
the others which I refer to as "The War Party.".                
Who is Osama bin Laden?  He is a son of a  ultra rich,
Saudi family engaged in construction;  a family which has
close ties to the Saudi royal and George Bush families!  He is
a "wahhabi" Sunni, which is the official religion of the Saudi
royal family and of Saudi Arabia. We know that 15 of the 19
hijackers were Saudi Wahabbis.

Please remember; Osama bin Laden is a Saudi,"Wahhabi"
Sunni fundamentalist!  Sunni wahhabiism is the official and
only religion allowed in Saudi Arabia.  Wahhabis are
dedicated  to using violence in meeting violence and what
they consider injustices to the Muslim world; removing
"western influences," including U.S. military presence from
Saudi Arabia and the Islam Middle East!

Like so many other "terrorists," Osama is a creation of
America's C.I.A. and The Saudi Arabian family.  Therefore; if
Osama bin Laden was the "brains" behind 9/11, then the C.I.
A. and The Saudis must share responsibility for his
"terrorist" acts.  
The  C.I.A.with Saudi Arabia, organized and financed, Osama
and other fundamentalists, into the "afghan resistance" or
mujahideen, during the years Russia invaded Afghanistan in
order to prop up its puppet government.  Osama hated
Saddam Hussein, the non fundamentalist, whom he believed
to be corrupt and "westernized."   Also, Saudi Arabia is one
of the most corrupt, despotic, tyrannical regimes in the
Middle East!  There is abundant evidence to show that the
Saudi "wahhabi" clerics are behind the exportation of the
violence being directed towards America and its allies!
Fifteen of the nineteen 9-11 hi-jackers were Saudis.
these Saudis influenced by their "Wahhabi" clerics? How
much of the financing for 9-11, Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda,
and terrorists' organizations  came from within Saudi Arabia,
especially the Wahhabi princes?
So why didn't the U.S.
invade Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq?  
 President Bush
doesn't  talk about the Bush family ties to the bin Laden and
royal Saudi families. Business and profits, as usual, with the
Saudis takes priority! There are too many ties between our
government and the Saudis over the years; too many covert
operations, many illegal, financed with the aid of the Saudi
government. There are simply too many Saudi owned and
controlled American corporations.  Virtually every major
American political or business player, especially The Carlyle
Group, has enjoyed the largess of the Saudis' monies.  No
one criticizes the Saudis.  Have the Saudis have "bought"
America!  Please read
"The Bush-Saudi Connection" by
Michelle Mairesse

Many Americans, especially veterans, have compared the U.
S. quagmire in Iraq to the U.S. quagmire in Vietnam.  A better
comparison would be Russia's, ( a world power) and now the
U.S. quagmire in its invasion of Afghanistan, (a third world
moslem country).
Russia went into Afghanistan to establish a puppet
government in order to secure a north-south pipeline for  its
own pipeline to originate in Russia to go into Afghanistan.
Has the U.S.  gone into Afghanistan to build and protect a
north-south pipe line from Turkmenistan in the Caspian Sea
area into Afghanistan, on into Pakistan, into India and down
to the Indian Ocean? Please read Dr. Norman D. Livergood's,
"The New U.S. British Oil Imperialism."  

Friends, we know that President Bush and Congress lied to
the American people about going into Afghanistan in order
to defeat the Taliban and capture Osama bin Laden. I have
spoken of the greed, lies and deceit of the Iraq war.  The
same can be applied to the war in Afghanistan.  There are
hundreds of well written articles about why the U. S. really is
involved in Afghanistan: it involves "empire building,"(petrol-
fascism?) the greed for Caspian Sea area resources, (oil and
natural gas), and the need for a north-south pipeline
controlled by the U.S. I have read
"The New U.S. British Oil
Imperialism" by Norman D. Livergood.   In my opinion, he
certainly has the credentials to speak out!   Some of his
article may be subjective, but I believe most is objective.  It's
a little lengthy, but very, very informative. Here are some
"As soon as the Soviets discovered the vast
Caspian Sea oil fields in the late 1970's - they attempted to
take control of Afghanistan  to build a massive north-south
pipeline system to allow the Soviets to send their oil directly
through Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Indian Ocean
seaport.  The result was the long Soviet Afghan war.  The
Standard Oil influenced U.S. government saw the danger of
a Russian north- south pipeline and the CIA trained and
funded armed terrorist groups, including Osama bin Laden,
who defeated the Soviets in the late 1980's."          
Dr. Livergood also informs us: "The reason the so-called 'war
against terrorism' began in Afghanistan- is because it is
critical to the U.S.- British rulers' plans to control the
Caspian Sea area oil and gas."

Dr. Livergood also enlightens us: "The U.S. military has
already set up a permanent operations base in Uzbekistan.  
The so-called anti-terrorist strategy is clearly designed to
simultaneously consolidate control over Middle Eastern &
South Asian oil, and contain & neutralize the former Soviet
Union.  With that strategy, Afghanistan is exactly where they
need to be."

Another excerpt reads, "Despite the misgivings of Russia,
China, India or any other nation, Afghanistan & Iraq will now
become the base of operations in destabilizing, isolating &
establishing control over the South Asia regimes and the
[ Note that Iran stands between Iraq & Afghanistan and you
can understand why Bush included Iran in the 'Axis of evil.' ]
After the conquest of this area is complete and the
permanent military posts are set up, they will begin
construction of a pipeline through Turkmenistan,
Afghanistan and Pakistan to deliver petroleum to the Asian

Another excerpt informs us, "President Bush says our
military will continue its presence in Afghanistan, which
means that while the U. N.  forces serve as a paramilitary
police force, the U.S. soldiers will be guarding the
construction of the north-south pipeline."

Russia with its heavy armor, helicopters and superior
firepower found itself constantly besieged and being
defeated by U.S. and Saudi supported "mujahideen"  These
"freedom fighters" pouring into Afghanistan from other
muslim countries, especially Suadia Arabia, (Osama bin
Laden) to fight alongside of indigenous moslems to defeat
the "infidel" Russian invaders also included extremist
groups such as the "Wahhabis" and the Muslim
Brotherhood.  Why should the U.S. "infidel" invasions of
Afghanistan and Iraq produce any different response from
the Afghans, the Iraqis and Islamic fundalmentalists, than
what the Russians faced in Afghanistan?
Friends, all of the muslim and Arab Middle East recognize
the Afghanistan occupation to install oil pipelines and the
Iraq invasion for what they are: continued "empire building"
(petrol fascism)  by the Bush-Cheney, Obama, Biden,
administrations using the American military to extend their
spheres of influence,
Why did Bush, Cheney, Pelosi, Biden, Obama, McCain,,
Clinton, Hoyer,  Pence  and Boehner set up the new ten year
aid package to Israel, guaranteeing Israel $5 billion per year,
$3 billion of which is military aid. How much will be used to
oppress and suppress the Palestinians?

I have spoken with American combat veterans from both the
Vietnam and Iraq wars and also with Russian combat
veterans, (Afghanstis) who served in Afghanistan.  A
common theme of these veterans' collective experiences was
"My government lied to me!"  Now do you the reader
understand why I ask,
"Why die for a lie?"
The arab-muslims of the Middle East and Asia are
developing a "resistance" in Afghanistan and Pakistan to
NATO Forces U.S. just as they did to the Russians. After
these many years, we are getting deeper and deeper into
"quagmire of deep doo doo!
 NATO  cannot win! There is
nothing to win!  
Obama, like Bush, is a fool on a fool's errand.
However, it will not be Obama's blood that is shed;  but the
blood of young naive American troops from the poor,
working class and minority families!  
In my opinion, it's criminal to continue this  psychopathic
venture. We are a bankrupt nation! We  can't afford these
endless wars!  We  must get out now!

by Paul Thompson

The key to abbreviations and other explanations can be
found on the main timeline page.

Some other events may be added to provide a chronological


This story is so complicated and long, I've tried to break it
into threads of different colors to make it easier to digest, as
well as the main page, the page for the day of September 11,
and the abridged timeline.

Central Asian oil, Enron and the Afghanistan pipelines. For a
separate page of these entries only,
click here.

Information that should have shown what kind of attack al-
Qaeda would make. For a separate page of these entries
click here.

US preparing for a war with Afghanistan before 9/11,
increasing control of Asia before and since. For a separate
page of these entries only,
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Incompetence, bad luck, and/or obstruction of justice. For a
separate page of these entries only,
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Suggestions of advanced knowledge that an attack would
take place on or around 9/11. For a separate page of these
entries only,
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Cover-up, lies, and/or contradictions. For a separate page of
these entries only,
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Israeli "art student" spy ring, Israeli foreknowledge evidence.
For a separate page of these entries only,
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Anthrax attacks and microbiologist deaths. For a separate
page of these entries only,
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Pakistani ISI and/or opium drug connections. For a separate
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Bin Laden family, Saudi Arabia corruption and support of
terrorists, connections to Bush. For a separate page of these
entries only,
click here.

1991: Future National Security Advisor Rice joins Chevron's
board of directors, and works with Chevron until being
picked as Bush's National Security Advisor in 2001. Chevron
even names an oil tanker after her. Rice is hired for her
expertise in Central Asia, and much of her job is spent
arranging oil deals in the Central Asian region. Chevron also
has massive investments there, which grow through the
[Salon, 11/19/01]

1991 (B): Bin Laden, having returned from Afghanistan to
Saudi Arabia and the family business in 1989, moves to
Sudan. With a personal fortune of around $250 million
(estimates range from $50 to $800 million
[Miami Herald,
he begins plotting terrorist attacks against the US.
[New Yorker, 1/24/00]

1991-1997: The Soviet Union collapses in 1991, creating
many new nations in Central Asia. Major US oil companies,
including ExxonMobil, Texaco, Unocal, BP Amoco, Shell and
Enron, directly invest billions in these Central Asian nations,
bribing heads of state to secure equity rights in the huge oil
reserves in these regions. The oil companies commit to
future direct investments in Kazakhstan of $35 billion. These
companies face the problem however of having to pay
exorbitant prices to Russia to use Russian pipelines to get
the oil out. These oil fields have an estimated $6 trillion
potential value. US companies own approximately 75% of the
[New Yorker, 7/9/01, Asia Times, 1/26/02] FTW

November 1993: The Indian government gives approval for
Enron's Dabhol power plant, located near Bombay on the
west coast of India. Enron has invested $3 billion, the largest
single foreign investment in India's history.  Enron owns
65% of Dabhol. This liquefied natural gas powered plant is
supposed to provide one-fifth of India's energy needs by
[Asia Times, 1/81/01, Indian Express, 2/27/00]

October 21, 1995: The oil company Unocal signs a contract
with Turkmenistan to export $8 billion worth of natural gas
through a $3 billion pipeline which would go from
Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan. Political
considerations and pressures allow Unocal to edge out a
more experienced Argentinean company for the contract.
Henry Kissinger, a Unocal consultant, calls it "the triumph of
hope over experience."
[Washington Post, 10/5/98]

June 24, 1996: The Central Asian nation of Uzbekistan signs
a deal with Enron "that could lead to joint development of
the central Asian nation's potentially rich natural gas fields."
[Houston Chronicle, 6/25/96] The $1.3 billion venture teams
Enron with the state companies of Russian and Uzbekistan.

[Houston Chronicle, 6/30/96]

July 8, 1996: The US government agrees to give $400 million
to help Enron and a Uzbeki state company develop natural
gas fields in the Central Asian nation of Uzbekistan.
[Oil and
Gas Journal, 7/8/96]

August 13, 1996: Unocal and Delta Oil of Saudi Arabia come
to agreement with state companies in Turkmenistan and
Russia to to build a natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan
to Pakistan via Afghanistan, the agreement is finalized the
next year
(see October 27, 1997). [Unocal website, 8/13/96]
The Boston Herald later reports that, "The prime force
behind Delta Oil appears to be Mohammed Hussein al-
(see November 22, 2002 (B)) and that his business
interests are "enmeshed" with those of Khalid bin Mahfouz
(see for instance
1988 (B) and April 1999). Together and
separately, al-Amoudi and bin Mahfouz have become
"partners with US firms in a series of ambitious oil
development and pipeline projects in central and south
[Boston Herald, 12/10/01] The two are later included in
a secret United Nations list of financiers funding al-Qaeda

(see November 26, 2002).

September 27, 1996: The Taliban conquer Kabul [AP,
establishing control over much of Afghanistan. A
surge in the Taliban's military successes at this time is later
attributed to an increase in direct military assistance from
Pakistan's ISI.
[New York Times, 12/8/01] The oil company
Unocal is hopeful that the Taliban will stabilize Afghanistan,
and allow its pipeline plans to go forward. In fact,
"preliminary agreement [on the pipeline] was reached
between the [Taliban and Unocal] long before the fall of
Kabul. ... Oil industry insiders say the dream of securing a
pipeline across Afghanistan is the main reason why
Pakistan, a close political ally of America's, has been so
supportive of the Taliban, and why America has quietly
acquiesced in its conquest of Afghanistan."

October 11, 1996: The Telegraph publishes an interesting
article about pipeline politics in Afghanistan. Some quotes:
"Behind the tribal clashes that have scarred Afghanistan lies
one of the great prizes of the 21st century, the fabulous
energy reserves of Central Asia." "'The deposits are huge,'
said a diplomat from the region. ‘Kazakhstan alone may have
more oil than Saudi Arabia. Turkmenistan is already known
to have the fifth largest gas reserves in the world.'"

[Telegraph, 10/11/96]

1997: Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski
publishes a book in which he portrays the Eurasian
landmass as the key to world power, and Central Asia with
its vast oil reserves as the key to domination of Eurasia.
states that for the US to maintain its global primacy, it must
prevent any possible adversary from controlling that region.
He notes that, "The attitude of the American public toward
the external projection of American power has been much
more ambivalent. The public supported America’s
engagement in World War II largely because of the shock
effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor." Furthermore,
because of popular resistance to US military expansionism,
his ambitious Central Asian strategy could not be
implemented "except in the circumstance of a truly massive
and widely perceived direct external threat."
[The Grand
Chessboard: American Primacy and its Geostrategic
Imperatives, 1997 (the link is to excerpts of the book from a
From the Wilderness article)]

August 1997: The CIA creates a secret task force to monitor
Central Asia's politics and gauge its wealth. Covert CIA
officers, some well-trained petroleum engineers, travel
through southern Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and
Turkmenistan to sniff out potential oil reserves.
[Time, 5/4/98]

October 27, 1997: Halliburton, a company with future Vice
President Cheney as CEO, announces a new agreement to
provide technical services and drilling for Turkmenistan, a
country in Central Asia. The press release also mentions that
"Halliburton has been providing a variety of services in
Turkmenistan for the past five years." On the same day, a
consortium to build a pipeline through Afghanistan is
formed. It's called CentGas, and the two main partners are
Unocal and Delta Oil of Saudi Arabia.
[Halliburton press
release, 10/27/97, CentGas press release, 10/27/97]

November 26, 1997: An industry newsletter reports that
Saudi Arabia has abandoned plans to have open bids on a
$2 billion power plant near Mecca, deciding that the
government will build it instead. What's interesting is that
one of the bids was made by a consortium of Enron, the
Saudi Binladen Group (run by Osama's family), and Italy's
Ansaldo Energia.
[Alexander's Gas and Oil Connections,

December 4, 1997: Representatives of the Taliban are invited
guests to the Texas headquarters of Unocal to negotiate their
support for the pipeline. Future President Bush Jr. is
Governor of Texas at the time.
The Taliban appear to agree
to a $2 billion pipeline deal, but will do the deal only if the
US officially recognizes the Taliban regime. The Taliban
meet with US officials, and the Telegraph reports that "the
US government, which in the past has branded the Taliban's
policies against women and children 'despicable,' appears
anxious to please the fundamentalists to clinch the lucrative
pipeline contract." A BBC regional correspondent says "the
proposal to build a pipeline across Afghanistan is part of an
international scramble to profit from developing the rich
energy resources of the Caspian Sea."
[BBC, 12/4/97,
Telegraph, 12/14/97] FTW

December 14, 1997: It is reported that Unocal has hired the
University of Nebraska to train 400 Afghani teachers,
electricians, carpenters and pipefitters in anticipation of
using them for their pipeline in Afghanistan. 150 students
are already attending classes.
[Telegraph, 12/14/97]

February 12, 1998: Unocal Vice President John J. Maresca -
later to become a Special Ambassador to Afghanistan -
testifies before the House of Representatives that until a
single, unified, friendly government is in place in
Afghanistan the trans-Afghani pipeline will not be built. He
suggests that with a pipeline through Afghanistan, the
Caspian basin could produce 20 percent of all the non-OPEC
oil in the world by 2010.
[House International Relations
Committee testimony, 2/12/98] FTW

Early 1998: Bill Richardson,
the US Ambassador to the UN,
meets Taliban officials in Kabul (all such meetings are
technically illegal, because the US still officially recognizes
the government the Taliban ousted as the legitimate rulers of
Afghanistan). US officials at the time call the pipeline project
a "fabulous opportunity" and are especially motivated by the
"prospect of circumventing Iran, which offered another route
for the pipeline."
[Boston Globe, 9/20/01]

June 1998 (B): Enron's agreement to develop natural gas
with the government of Uzbekistan is not renewed. Enron
closes its office there. The reason for the "failure of Enron's
flagship project" is an inability to get the natural gas out of
the region. Uzbekistan's production is "well below capacity"
and only 10% of its production is being exported, all to other
countries in the region. The hope was to use a pipeline
through Afghanistan, but "Uzbekistan is extremely
concerned at the growing strength of the Taliban and its
potential impact on stability in Uzbekistan, making any
future cooperation on a pipeline project which benefits the
Taliban unlikely." A $12 billion pipeline through China is
being considered as one solution, but that wouldn't be
completed until the end of the next decade at the earliest.
[Alexander's Gas and Oil Connections, 10/12/98]

June 23, 1998: Future Vice President Cheney, working for the
Halliburton energy company, states: "I can't think of a time
when we've had a region emerge as suddenly to become as
strategically significant as the Caspian. It's almost as if the
opportunities have arisen overnight." The Caspian Sea is in
Central Asia. [Cato Institute Library, Chicago Tribune, 8/10/00]

August 7, 1998: Terrorists bomb the US embassies in Kenya
and Tanzania. The bomb in Nairobi, Kenya kills 213 people,
including 12 US nationals, and injures more than 4,500. The
bomb in Dar es Salaam kills 11 and injures 85. The attack is
blamed on al-Qaeda. [PBS Frontline, 2001]June 1998 (B):
Enron's agreement to develop natural gas with the
government of Uzbekistan is not renewed. Enron closes its
office there. The reason for the "failure of Enron's flagship
project" is an inability to get the natural gas out of the
region. Uzbekistan's production is "well below capacity" and
only 10% of its production is being exported, all to other
countries in the region. The hope was to use a pipeline
through Afghanistan, but "Uzbekistan is extremely
concerned at the growing strength of the Taliban and its
potential impact on stability in Uzbekistan, making any
future cooperation on a pipeline project which benefits the
Taliban unlikely." A $12 billion pipeline through China is
being considered as one solution, but that wouldn't be
completed until the end of the next decade at the earliest.
Alexander's Gas and Oil Connections, 10/12/98]

August 7, 1998: Terrorists bomb the US embassies in Kenya
and Tanzania. The bomb in Nairobi, Kenya kills 213 people,
including 12 US nationals, and injures more than 4,500. The
bomb in Dar es Salaam kills 11 and injures 85. The attack is
blamed on al-Qaeda.
[PBS Frontline, 2001]

August 9, 1998: The Northern Alliance capital of Afghanistan,
Mazar-i-Sharif, is conquered by the Taliban.
Military support
of Pakistan's ISI plays a large role; there is even an intercept
of an ISI officer stating, "My boys and I are riding into Mazar-
[New York Times, 12/8/01] This victory gives the
Taliban control of 90% of
Afghanistan, including the entire pipeline route. CentGas,
the consortium behind the gas pipeline that would run
through Afghanistan, is now "ready to proceed. Its main
partners are the American oil firm Unocal and Delta Oil of
Saudi Arabia, plus Hyundai of South Korea, two Japanese
companies, a Pakistani conglomerate and the Turkmen
government." However, the pipeline cannot be financed
unless the government is officially recognized. "Diplomatic
sources said the Taliban's offensive was well prepared and
deliberately scheduled two months ahead of the next UN
meeting" to decide if the Taliban should be recognized.
[Telegraph, 8/13/98]

December 5, 1998: In the wake of the al-Qaeda US embassy
(see August 7, 1998), the US gives up on putting a
pipeline through Afghanistan. Unocal announces its
withdrawing from the CentGas pipeline consortium, and
closing three of its four offices in Central Asia. A concern
that Clinton will lose support among women voters for
upholding the Taliban also plays a role in the cancellation.
[New York Times, 12/5/98] FTW

Late 1998 (B): During the investigation of the 1998 embassy
bombings, FBI counter-terrorism expert John O'Neill finds a
memo by al-Qaeda leader Mohammed Atef on a computer.
The memo shows that bin Laden's group has a keen interest
in and detailed knowledge of negotiations between the
Taliban and the US over an oil and gas pipeline through
Afghanistan. Atef's analysis suggests that the Taliban are
not sincere in wanting a pipeline, but are dragging out
negotiations to keep Western powers at bay.
[Salon, 6/5/02]

June 1999:  
Enron announces an agreement to build a $140
million power plant in the Gaza Strip. One of the major
financers for the project comes from the Saudi Binladin
Group, a company owned by Osama's family. This is the
second attempted project between these two companies.
90% complete, the construction is halted because of
Palestinian - Israeli violence and then Enron's bankruptcy.

[Washington Post, 3/2/02]

July 4, 1999:
With the chances of a pipeline deal with the
Taliban looking increasingly unlikely, the US government
finally issues an executive order prohibiting commercial
transactions with the Taliban.
[Executive Order, 7/4/99]

December 20, 1999:
The BBC explains one reason why the
Northern Alliance has been able to hold out for so long in its
civil war against the Taliban in Afghanistan:
"Iran has stirred
up the fighting in order to make sure an international oil
pipeline [goes] through its territory and not through
[BBC, 12/20/99]

September 2000:
The neo-conservative think-tank Project for
the New American Century writes
a "blueprint" for the
"creation of a 'global Pax Americana.'"
The document,
entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces
And Resources For A New Century, was written for the Bush
team even before the 2000 Presidential election. It was
commissioned by future Vice President Cheney, future
Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, future Deputy Defense
Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, Florida Governor and President
Bush's brother Jeb Bush, and future Vice President Cheney's
Chief of Staff Lewis Libby.
The report calls itself a "blueprint
for maintaining global US preeminence, precluding the rise
of a great power rival, and shaping the international security
order in line with American principles and interests."
plan shows Bush intended to take military control of Persian
Gulf oil whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power and
should retain control of the region even if there is no threat.
It says:
"The United States has for decades sought to play a
more permanent role in Gulf regional security. While the
unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate
justification, the need for a substantial American force
presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of
Saddam Hussein."
The report calls for the control of space
through a new "US Space Forces," the political control of the
internet, the subversion of any growth in political power of
even close allies, and advocates "regime change" in China,
North Korea, Libya, Syria, Iran and other countries. It also
mentions that "advanced forms of biological warfare that can
'target' specific genotypes may transform biological warfare
from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool." A British
Member of Parliament says of the report,
"This is a blueprint
for US world domination -- a new world order of their
making. These are the thought processes of fantasist
Americans who want to control the world"
(see also Spring
2001 and April 2001 (D)). [Sunday Herald, 9/7/02, click here to
download the think tank report]
However, the report
complains that these changes are likely to take a long time,
"absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new
Pearl Harbor."
[PNAC Report, 8/00] In an NBC interview at
about the same time, Vice Presidential candidate Cheney
defends Bush Jr.'s position of maintaining Clinton's policy
not to attack Iraq because the US should not act as though

"we were an imperialist power, willy-nilly moving into
capitals in that part of the world, taking down governments."

[Washington Post, 1/12/02]

October 12, 2000:
The USS Cole is bombed in the Aden,
Yemen harbor by al-Qaeda terrorists. 17 US soldiers are
. [ABC News, 10/13/00]

January 21, 2001:
George Bush Jr. is inaugurated as the 43rd
US President, replacing Clinton. The only major figure to
permanently remain in office is CIA Director Tenet,
appointed in 1997 and reputedly a long time friend of Bush
Sr. FBI Director Louis Freeh stays on until June 2001.
Numerous figures in Bush's administration have been
directly employed in the oil industry, including Bush, Vice
President Cheney and National Security Advisor Rice.
Enron's ties also reach deep into the administration.

[Washington Post, 1/18/02]