Updated 5-2-2016
If nominated tomorrow and elected in November, I will sponsor legislation which will
exempt Social Security benefits from taxation. gth

Updated 4-2-2016
Social Security Works wrote me on March 19, 2016 informing me that Paul Ryan's
House of Representatives rejected an amendment to "not cut Social ecurity benefits
now or in the future."

What does this mean to the average senior on Social Security?  In my opinion, it's a
signal there will be "cuts" in Social Security after the November election. The Social
Security "trust fund" has been looted and there are no monies for Seniors.  
However, please rest assured that Zionist Israel will continue to receive its
$5 + billion each and every year! And that's no joke!  gth

The Looting of Social Security
Since 1990, I have been warning Americans that the
Social Security "trust fund" has been stolen by
Congress.  There is no Social Security Surplus!  It has
been stolen by our presidents and Congress to "cook
the books" in violation of federal law.i.e.

Section 13301of the Budget Enforcement Act of 1990, which was
signed into law by President Bush on November 5, 1990.

I truly believe that, after the November election, The new President
and Congress will "cut benefits" for Social Security recipients.  

In 2015, Social Security recipients received a 1.7% increase in their
benefits.   For 2016, there was no increase in Social Security benefits!   
Yet for 2016, the Defense industry and Israel both are receiving
increases from the American taxpayer.  V/P "Zionist Joe" Biden has
Israel that it won't receive what it wants, but will receive
more than what it needs!  
Israel wants $5 billion/yr. and if Hillary is
elected, it's a done deal.
All aid to Israel must be stopped and Defense spending has to be cut,
not increased!  George Holland for Congress will protect and increase  
your Social Security.

On  March 19, 2012;  I wrote;
Dear Friends: All Senior Citizens should be aware of the current scam
by President Obama and Congress in using 2% of  the 6.2%  Social
Security taxes of a workers pay as a "tax cut."  
The media and Obama refer to this as a "payroll tax cut".
It actually is blatantly stealing from and embezzling our
Social Security taxes.  In this Senior's opinion, this further weakens
Social Security by reducing SS revenues  and is a gigantic step, by
Obama to destroy Social Security!
Please read what Senator Tom Harkin has to say about this.
Payroll Tax Cut: Tom Harkin Slams President, Democrats For Risking
Social Security  
Reproduced for “fair use” from the kindness of  HUFFPOST POLITICS                            
April 4, 2012 Michael McAuliffmike.mcauliff@huffingtonpost.com
"This Congress will be making a grave mistake -- a grave mistake -- and
reinforcing a dangerous precedent,"
"And I’m dismayed that Democrats, including a Democratic president and a
Democratic vice president, have proposed this, and are willing to sign off on a
deal that could begin the unraveling of Social Security."
. "Cutting the payroll tax is a bad idea, terrible idea. I'm embarrassed that
it's being proposed by a Democratic president and a Democratic vice

Social Security should have been protected, especially
because of its benefits to the elderly poor! Social
Security Lifts 13 Million Seniors Above The Poverty
Line: A State by State Analysis  from the Center on
Budget and Policy Priorities states, "Excluding Social
Security income, in 17 states more than half of the
elderly-- and, in 45 states, more than 40 percent of the
elderly-- have incomes below the poverty line. ...With
Social Security, the elderly poverty rate in the large
majority of states is less than 10 percent"  In Indiana,
those figures are 51.5% and 8.1% respectively! Can you
imagine the catastrophic economic consequences,
especially to the elderly poor, now that Obama, Pence
and Congress have looted the annual 2% from Social
Where does it stop and at what cost?

George Holland  intends to stand up for the elderly ands stop Obama's
destruction of Social Security!  

Dear Friends:  In George Holland's opinion, Obama is playing the
same game as the fiscal irresponsible Republicans.
He is alienating the working families who receive this money from his
Social Security "tax cut" against the seniors who
rely on Social Security.  Obama, ,like the Republicans
is driving Grandma & Grandpa into the poorhouse!
How do you take back a tax cut?

The RYAN BUDGET'S Radical Priorities:  Provides Largest Tax Cuts
in History for Wealthy, Raises Middles Class Taxes, Ends Guaranteed
Medicare, Privatizes Social Security, Erodes Health Care March 10,
2010 reproduced for "fair use" from Center on Budget and Policy
By Paul N. Van de Water

The Drive to Eliminate Social Security Accelerates
By Shamus Cooke
February 23, 2010 "Information Clearing House" - -In Washington
each new day brings a fresh call to “reform entitlement programs” —
Social Security, Medicare, etc., (in Congress, the word “reform” now
means to eliminate, or drastically reduce). Tackling Social Security has
been on the to-do list of the corporate elite for years, and they’re not
waiting any longer. After years of promoting this cause, conservative
think tanks have now garnered solid support from the political
establishment as a whole, which includes the Republican and
Democratic parties.
Social Security to start cashing Uncle Sam's IOUs
By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER, A.P. WriterMarch 14, 2010
The following is taken from Dr. Allen W. Smith's excellent book and
eye opener on Social Security, "THE LOOTING OF SOCIAL
SECURITY," Chapter 11, page 187.
"The discussion is are we as a country violating a trust by spending
Social Security trust fund moneys for some purpose other than for
which they were intended.  The obvious answer is yes...I think that is a
very good illustration of what I was talking about, embezzlement,
thievery.  Because that, Mr. President, is what we are talking about
here. But for the dialog started by the Senator from New York, we
would not be here today.  And I publicly commend and applaud the
vigorous activity generated by the Senator from New York because on
that chart in emblazoned red letters is what has been taking place here,
embezzlement.  During the period of growth we have had during the
past ten years, the growth has been from two sources.  One, a large
credit card with no limits on it, and, two, we have been stealing money
from the Social Security recipients of this country...."
--Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) Speech on Senate Floor, October 9,

In 1988, during my campaign against Rep. Dan "The Mental Midget"
Burton, I learned that the Social Security Trust Fund, (Surplus) was
not being placed in a "trust;"  and being kept separate from but was
being co-mingled with general revenue funds and used by the Reagan
administration for general budget items, thus reducing the true deficits
of the annual budgets. Obviously, this action by Reagan & Congress
masked the true deficit each year.  It was a blatant form of deceiving
America, especially America's seniors but it was also a blatant form of
I wrote a media release called "Cooking The Books", whereby I tried
to speak out against this deceit.  NOT A SINGLE MEDIA PERSON
RESPONDED TO MY MEDIA RELEASE. America had no interest in
exposing this deceit!  President Reagan, like Presidents Bush, Clinton
and Bush, Jr. continued to proclaim a "balanced budget" and
"protecting Social Security"  while running up massive budget deficits
each year and using the Social Security Trust Fund to mask the deficit.
August 14, 2005 was the Seventieth Birthday of Social Security. Unlike
other presidents, President Bush made no mention of that special day.
The Birthday Bush Wants To ignore) Rep. Mike Pence made no
mention of that special day being the 70th birthday of Social Security
either, but I, George Holland, did!
Why did Bush and Pence ignore this birthday?  Social Security is a
social benefits program that Bush, Congress and Pence have looted, IN
VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW, to pay for items, including    (1)
The Occupation of Iraq, currently $ 580 billion, projected to be $3
trillion, (2) $11 million a day in aid to Israel ($5 billion per year) (3)
The new American Embassy in the Green Zone now costing a projected
one billion dollars and (4) tax cuts for the very rich.
The Social Security Trust Fund has no surplus of $ 2.4 trillion.  It has
been looted, embezzled.  Gone forever, in violation of federal law!
Fortunately, there is an American patriot speaking out about this cruel
hoax.  Allen W. Smith, Ph.D., has written an excellent book,
In his book, Dr. Smith informs us that U.S. Senators Moynihan and
Hollings became concerned that the Social Security Surplus was not
being saved in a separate fund but was being co-mingled and spent
with general tax revenues.

A proposal by Senator Hollings "eventually became Section 13301of
the Budget Enforcement Act of 1990, which was signed into law by
President Bush on November 5, 1990.  It prohibited including Social
Security funds in any budget calculations, including deficits or
Section 13301 explicitly states:
"Not withstanding any other provision of law, the receipts and
disbursements of the Federal Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust
Fund and the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund shall not be
counted as new budget authority, outlays, receipts, or deficit or surplus
for purposes of (1) the budget of the United States Government as
submitted by the President, (2) the Congressional budget, or (3) the
Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985."
What have Presidents George H.W. Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush
and Barack Obama done in following this federal law?
As Dr. Smith reminds us; they simply ignored it!
These men had sworn to uphold the Constitution and all laws of the
United States, yet they made a mockery of this oath by deliberately
breaking the law!

To show the deceit used by President Bush in his State of the Union
address, Feb. 27, 2001, in talking about the budget and Social Security,
the following are excerpts from "George W. Bush  Another Round of
Reaganomics" in Dr. Smith's book.  
"My plan pays down an unprecedented amount of our national debt.  
who earned it in the first place... My budget protects all $2.6 trillion of
the Social Security surplus for Social Security, and for Social Security
alone...We owe it to our children and grandchildren to act now, and I
hope you will join me to pay down $2 trillion in debt during the next 10
years...That is more debt, repaid more quickly than has ever been
repaid by any nation at any time in history."

..."To make sure the retirement savings of American seniors are not
diverted in any other program, my budget protects all $2.6 trillion of
the Social Security surplus for Social Security, and for Social Security
..."My budget has funded a reasonable increase in our ongoing
operations.  It has funded our nation's important priorities, it has
protected Social Security and Medicare.  And our surpluses are big
enough that there is still money left over."
"We have increased our budget at a responsible 4 percent.  We have
funded our priorities.  We paid down all the available.  We have
prepared for contingencies.  And we still have money left over."
Friends, these are lies, lies and more lies!  As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
has said; "George W. Bush is a natural born liar."
On April 26, 2005, President Bush participated in and spoke at a Social
Security Roundtable in Texas.  Here's an excerpt from what he said.
"You see, a lot of folks, I'm sure some right here in this audience,
believe Social Security is a system where we take your payroll taxes
and we hold it for you and then when you retire, we give it back to
you.  That's not the way it goes.  We take your payroll taxes, we pay out
the benefits to the current retirees; and with the money left over, we
pay.. pay for other programs. And there's nothing left but file cabinets
with I.O.U.s.  And that's how it works."

Aren't you outraged! This is the same President who promised,
like the others, to protect Social Security.  This "embezzler,"
this "crook," has "embezzled" well over one half of a trillion dollars
from the funds needed for the poor, the elderly, the disabled and yes,
even needy children.  And who cares?  Certainly not Bush's "embezzle,
borrow and spend" twin, our Congressman,  Rep. "AIPAC Mike"

Bush is the same embezzler who claims to be a "compassionate
conservative" and "God's messenger."

I was at Muncie and Connersville in 2005, when Rep. Mike Pence
talked about the crisis in Social Security without once mentioning how
the  Trust Funds, (Surplus) had been spent, (embezzled).  At
Connersville, I challenged his comments, and he claimed the surplus
was just paper I.O.U.s. His comments illustrate the problem!. The
monies are no longer there. Rep. Pence is an attorney, the monies have
been spent and can not be repaid.  This has been done in violation of
federal law, and Rep. Pence, an attorney, should know that.
The money is gone forever and so are Seniors' securities.
Where was Rep. Pence why our Social Security funds were being
Is there a crisis?  (see the clocks at the top of this page)  Yes, there is.
Since the Social Security Surplus is invested in U.S. Treasury funds,
the Treasury then issues paper I.O.U. s for these funds and these funds
become part of the National Debt and accrue interest of $80 billion
plus each year.  However, this surplus and this accrued interest were
immediately embezzled by Bush, Obama and Congress and spent on
government programs.   
Remember, this is being done in
violation of federal law.
This is why it is important for all
Americans to understand the connection between Social Security, the
National Debt and the health of our economy.  The health of our
economy is a catastrophe, thanks to the "embezzle, borrow and spend"
Bush and Pence Conservatives!

Obama's, Pence and Bush's actions are "A Betrayal Of
Our Trust"!

This national debt ceiling  has been increased again. The National
Debt is  growing, fueled by spending more monies than being taken in
via tax revenues, a tax revenue shortfall helped by tax cuts for the very
rich!  V.P. Cheney netted $1.1 million more in 2005 than 2004 and
Pres. Bush netted $26, 000.00 more thanks to the "tax cuts" that Bush
and Pence, ("borrow, embezzle and spend")  have been pushing!  But
who makes up this difference?  The government goes out and borrows
it and also "embezzles" it from Social Security!  It is added to the
National Debt for which we all are responsible.  President Bush and  
Rep. "AIPAC Mike" Pence, the "embezzle, borrow and spend" twins
have  added over $ 3.4 trillion to our national debt.

So what's the future?  It is important to understand that these Social
Security funds, placed in trust by federal law, belonged to the
individual workers and not the government.  However,  Americans
must understand these monies have not been placed in trust but have
been "embezzled" in I.O.U.s  and can never be repaid to the system. If
you can't pay off a national debt of $8.1 trillion, or 9.0 trillion, then
how do you pay off $16.0 trillion of debt?  That's $49,600 of debt for
each citizen.  It can't be done!  We no longer have to worry about
Remember this; as your U.S. goverment spends more and more
borrowed and embezzled monies,  (i.e. the costs of the  petro- fascist
wars, $2 trillion and $11 million a day in aid to Israel and $ one billion
for a new American Embassy in Baghdad ) which it does not have and
gives tax breaks to the very wealthy, creating fewer tax revenues,
National Debt keeps increasing.
 Just to service the debt
interest on this ever increasing National Debt requires more money,
thus worsening an increasingly bad financial situation.  The interest on
the National Debt is costing well over a billion dollars a day!  "In 2005
the average household in America was paying almost $1,600 a year for
this interest. In ten years the burden will be two and a half times
larger:  $4,300 per year." ("What the Federal Budget Deficits Will
Mean to You", aol.com)  How do Bush, Pence and Congress intend to
pay this debt?

Social Security should have been protected, especially because of its
benefits to the elderly poor! Social Security Lifts 13 Million Seniors
Above The Poverty Line: A State by State Analysis  from the Center on
Budget and Policy Priorities states, "Excluding Social Security
income, in 17 states more than half of the elderly-- and, in 45 states,
more than 40 percent of the elderly-- have incomes below the poverty
line. ...With Social Security, the elderly poverty rate in the large
majority of states is less than 10 percent"  In Indiana, those figures are
51.5% and 8.1% respectively! Can you imagine the catastrophic
economic consequences, especially to the elderly poor, when our
economy collapses due to this excessive debt and there is no Social
Security available?  

I am no accountant, actuary, or tax attorney, but an American who is
trying to alert my fellow citizens to the dangers of deficit spending and
how it will affect social programs such as Medicare and Social
If elected to Congress, I promise you, Section 13301, of The Budget
Enforcement Act of 1990, the law to protect our Social Security
Surplus will be enforced !
Hopefully, the information titled Social Security and Medicare in the
publication,  "What the Federal Budget Deficits Mean to You"  will be
helpful as a guide to understanding what is happening!
I have tried to warn Americans, especially Seniors, of the tremendous
costs associated with the Iraq War and Occupation.  The invasions of
Afghanistan & Iraq are only the first of many wars planned by The
Project for a New American Century (PNAC). It is my belief that
because of America's indifference and apathy to these wars, our great
nation may never recover.
Social Security
Surplus Clock:
Which One Has the Crisis ?!

"Remember The U.S.S. Liberty"


The Looting of Social Security! (There is no Social Security
surplus! It's all gone; embezzled by
Presidents Reagan, Bush I,
Bush II, Clinton, Obama
and Congress!)

On May 8, 2018, Please vote for George Holland for Congress!  As a Senior,
I will protect and enlarge Social Security and Medicare!
The folowing was excerpted from Social Security Works(info@socialsecurityworks.org)              
"When Donald Trump signed into law his $1.5 trillion tax scam, we knew what was coming next:
An all-out assault on our earned benefits.
Today, Donald Trump released his fiscal year 2019 budget, which includes $1.3
trillion in cuts to Medicaid, $554 billion in cuts to Medicare
and $10 billion in cuts to Social Security.
Not to mention that they’re
taking another crack at repealing the Affordable Care Act."

Folks,  Trump and Mike Pence are conjoined twin born liars!  And they claim to be "Christians"