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A Christian, Anti-Zionist, USAF-NATO, Anti-War
"Putting America, Not Zionist Israel First"
"Why die for a lie?  Why die for a nuclear armed
"Greater Israel:The Zionist Plan for The Middle
"When warmongering fascist Presidents, Congress, and politicians lie,
poor people suffer and die"   
The average age of an American KIA in Iraq
was 23 years old, from a family with a annual median income of only $

"Mission Accomplished!"  George Bush

"To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to
criticize." Voltaire

There were no WMD in Iraq!

The War on Iraq: Conceived in Israel
There were no WMD in Iraq!

"Mission Accomplished!"  George Bush

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God."
Matthew 5:9

Are you a child of God or a warmonger? gth

Putting American Families, Jobs, Seniors, Veterans and
Students First:
Not "The War Party," War Profit$, Oil Profit$, AIPAC, A
nuclear armed, Zionist Israel or Wall $treet.

America's "War on Terrorism": The truth will Prevail

An excerpt: Amply documented but rarely mentioned in
mainstream news, ISIS is a creation of US intelligence,
recruited, trained and financed by the US and its allies
including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and Jordan.  

Those who ordered the bombing campaign are those who
are behind the Caliphate Project. The Islamic State militia,
which is currently the alleged target of  a US-NATO bombing
campaign under a “counter-terrorism” mandate, is  
supported covertly by the United States and its allies.

What this means is that the ISIS terrorists are the foot
soldiers of the Western alliance. While America claims to be
targeting ISIS, in reality it is protecting ISIS. The air
campaign is intent upon destroying Syria and Iraq rather
than “going after the terrorists”.

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The New World Order (Bilderberger?) of The
Bushs, The Clintons and Barack Obama and Its
Economic Terrorism On The American People.

Please Join George Holland, an American Senior
and Christian, Anti-Zionist, Anti-War USAF-NATO
Veteran in asking:
Is there a contrived, unchristian, subversion and
subjugation of
our great beloved Christian
America into a non-Christian, submissive, vassal
state controlled by Netanyahu & Zionist Israel
and the Neocons, The Zionists and The
i.e.  Obama, (The Puppet) Shillary Clinton, (The
Queen of Chaos) "Zionist Joe" Biden, Steny
Hoyer, Rep. Luke Messer, Gov. Mike Pence, U.S.
Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-CA et al.; firmly
embedded in Congress, our federal and state
governments and the media?

"When warmongering Presidents, Congress, politicians and some media
lie, poor people suffer and die" gth.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of
God." Matthew 5:9

"When warmongering Presidents, Congress, politicians and some media
lie, poor people suffer and die" gth.

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed
(Officially acknowledged) In U.S. War And
Occupation Of Iraq 4,801*
Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And
Occupation Of Iraq "1,455,590"*
*Reproduced for "fair use" from

"When warmongering Presidents, Congress, politicians and some media
lie, poor people suffer and die" gth.

Join George Holland, an American Senior and
Christian, Anti-War USAF-NATO Veteran in
speaking out against:
(1) Contrived, unchristian, unconstitutional,
Imperial endless wars and human suffering
based on lies, deceit and greed.
(2) The contrived, unchristian, unconstitutional,
fascist spying on Americans by our own
government!  "A police state!"
(3) Contrived endless debt and human suffering!
(4)Endless increasing poverty and human
(5)Endless high unemployment and human

(6)The contrived abolition of cherished "safety
nets," such as Social Security and Medicare.
(7) The contrived endless printing of "fiat" money
and America's eventual economic collapse with
the collapse of the American "petro dollar."

In my opinion, Our once great American Republic
has become an Imperialist, (fascist and
militaristic) oligarchic, plutocracy.
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God and George Holland For Congress Support  Medicare for all.  It's
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Where did Vince Foster die and why?

Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Healthcare Plan Will Save American Families $1200 a Year

Please read and share with others, this excellent paper of why everyone should have single
payer insurance or universal health care coverage.  

MEDICARE IN AMERICA: Real Health Care Requires the Repeal of the Insurance Mandate

By Kevin Zeese

Global Research, March 26, 2012
It’s Our Economy, the organization I co-direct with Margaret Flowers, MD, Single Payer Action and 50 doctors filed an
amicus brief in HHS v. Florida, the challenge to the Affordable Care Act being heard in the Supreme Court this week.

We support health care reform but oppose the insurance mandate.  Merely removing two words from existing law will
achieve the President's stated goals of universal, affordable and guaranteed health care.  By removing the words
“over 65” from the Medicare law, every American will have health care based on a proven public health care model that
has been in existence since 1965.  This will control costs and immediately provide health care to everyone in the
United States.

Forcing Americans to buy insurance is both unconstitutional and bad policy.  Even the most favorable estimates of the
Affordable Care Act predict that tens of millions of Americans will not have health insurance when it is fully
implemented in 2019.  The number of employers offering health benefits will decline under the ACA pushing employees
into the individual insurance market where coverage is skimpier and more expensive.  The cost of premiums continues
to rise and insurance coverage continues to shrink, putting patients at risk of personal bankruptcy when they suffer a
serious accident or illness.

The United States already spends enough to provide health care to all.  As the amicus brief states: “Studies conducted
by the nonpartisan General Accounting Office and the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office have consistently
concluded that if a national single payer system were implemented in the United States, administrative cost-savings
alone would be enough to guarantee universal coverage without increasing overall healthcare spending.”

In addition, improved Medicare for all will slow the growth in the cost of health care. The cost of health care under
Medicare is growing more slowly than private insurance-based health care, despite the fact that it deals with America’s
elderly and disabled populations, groups that generally need more health care services.  Unlike private insurance,
under Medicare the increased cost is not due to administrative costs and bureaucracy. Medicare’s administrative costs
have been consistently about 2% while private insurance is 16% administrative costs.

Instead, the ACA builds and expands the system of private insurance. This system is among the least efficient of any
healthcare system currently operating in developed nations.  The brief states “In 2009, 28 healthcare expenditures
accounted for 17.4 percent of GDP in the United States, compared with only 9.6 percent in the average OECD [The
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development] nation” and “measured per capita, healthcare expenditures
in the United States ‘are by far the highest among OECD countries.’”

Medicare provides health services that people like, as the brief points out:  “In addition to achieving universal
coverage for Americans aged 65 and older and maintaining consistently low administrative costs, Medicare is also
highly rated by senior citizens who are its primary beneficiaries – 51 percent of whom give their health insurance an
‘excellent” rating.’”

If the US Congress had considered an evidence-based approach to health reform instead of writing a bill that funnels
more wealth to insurance companies that deny and restrict care, it would have been a no brainer to adopt improved
Medicare for all. All the data points to a single payer system as the only way to accomplish universal health care and
control health care costs.

It is also bad precedent to allow the federal government to mandate all Americans buy a corporate product.  This takes
corporate welfare to new levels of extreme.  If this is upheld, will a future president facing an economic crisis require
Americans to buy cars made in the USA – of course, with a government subsidy?  Or, will the pension crisis in the
United States be ‘solved’ by setting up a pension exchange of JP Morgan, Bank of America, Well Fargo, Chase and
Citibank and require Americans to buy a federally subsidized pension from Wall Street?

Finally, an improved Medicare for all system will give everyone in the United States the greatest control of their own
healthcare.  The insurance industry will be removed from between doctors and patients.  Doctors will not have to
convince an insurance, profit-minded, bureaucrat to pay for a treatment.  And, people will no longer be threatened with
increased premiums, decreased coverage and financial ruin caused by an insurance industry that puts profits before

We filed the amicus brief because forcing people to purchase a flawed product, private health insurance, is not
necessary and will not achieve the goals of universal, guaranteed and affordable health care. There is a health care
model in the US already that will achieve these goals - that's improved Medicare for all. Medicare for all is
constitutional and simple to attain - just drop a few words from existing law and we will be on the path to joining the
rest of the civilized world when it comes to health care.

Kevin Zeese is co-director of Its Our Economy (www.ItsOurEconomy.US) and is an organizer of the National Occupation
of Washington, DC (


It's shameful to this USAF-NATO veteran that the Christian U.S. is the largest producer and exporter of
weapons and  weapons systems.  Killing people is big business!  It is also shameful that the U.S. is the only
industrialized nation without universal healthcare!