How Did Vince Foster Die and Why?

Vince Foster's Suicide

Roger Stone & Robert Morrow's  Book  "THE CLINTONS' WAR on WOMEN"
is a very interesting read.  Chapter 14 THE BODY is especially interesting.

Any suicide is a very tragic event. Obviously, the question arises; could it have been
prevented?  There are a reported 22 suicides a day by America's military veterans.
The tragedy of any suicide cannot be ignored.

I am no attorney, my career background was in pharmaceutical sales. I am simply
writing this because of some very important differences in the official version of Vince
Foster's body being found in Fort Marcy Park in McLean Virginia and statements, an
excerpt from page 214,  "that indicate Foster had indeed killed himself in his office
and his body was later moved." (Page 214)

An excerpt from pages 223, 224 states (Vince Foster) " had gotten off work and had
gone out to his car in the parking lot and had shot himself in the head."

An excerpt from page 226 states (Vince Foster) " and gone to his car in the Parking
Lot and had shot himself in the head."

What drove this poor man to ultimately take his own life?  THIS IS THE REAL