The “Prince of Peace” Peace Candidate seeking The Democratic Party’s nomination for Indiana’s
Sixth U.S. Congressional District proudly proclaims
a major campaign issue in “Saving America” is  
“No More Welfare for the Wealthy”!
 How much did Trump and the Pence boys, Mike and Greg
benefit from the The Trump-Pence “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017”?
.In Indiana, the majority of
taxpayers, the bottom sixty % , with an average income of $35,000, received an average tax cut
of $480. Trump and friends, the richest 1%; received an average tax cut of $48,840.  (100 x more
for the rich!  How ‘s that for greed.?
)  This tax cut bill is simply a re-hash of the $350 billion Bush-
Mike Pence “Job Creations” Tax Cut of 2003.” .  
Under Bush-Pence, our national debt increased
$5.849 trillion.  This is more “welfare for the wealthy”; Donald Trump, Mike  and Greg Pence, et
al.  Since 2000, there has been a loss of 4.4 MILLION MANUFACTURING JOBS.     The
national debt today is $23.4 trillion.
 Over $3 trillion has been added to this debt in Trump’s/Pence’s
presidency. Tax cuts for the rich do not create jobs, but add to the national debt and the rich get richer!