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2020 The Economy 2020

updated 04/13/2020

report   March 13, 2020
Trump’s Proposed Payroll Tax Elimination
President Trump has proposed to eliminate payroll taxes that fund Social
Security and Medicare through the end of the year. ITEP estimates that this
would cost $843 billion and 65 percent of the benefits would go to the richest
20 percent of taxpayers, as illustrated in the table below.

report   October 17, 2018
Low Tax for Whom? Indiana is a “Low Tax State” Overall, But Not for Families
Living in Poverty

updated 02/26/2020
according to
Official unemployed  5,847,747
Actual unemployed  12,414,399

Manufacturing Jobs Now 12,852,844
Manufacturing Jobs 2000  17,255,946

Median Income Now $33,806
Median Income 2000 $30,503

Healthcare Cost Now  $11,636
Healthcare Cost 2000  $5,364

Average New Car Now  $38,846
Average New Car 2000  $22,149

Median New Home Now  $313,037
Median New Home 2000  $162,248

National Debt Today  $23,384,000,000,000
(twenty three trillion, three hundred eighty four billion +)
So, America; Why are you giving a non Christian, apartheid, Zionist Israel
$5.1 billion annually? gth
updated 054/03/2018
1,140 Economists Warn Trump Not To Make Great Depression Mistakes
“Americans across the country” paid a stiff price last time.

Democrats Scapegoat Russia for Historic Failure

updated 04/20/2018
Big Banks Are Raking in Record Profits Thanks to Trump's Supposedly 'Middle-Class'
Tax Cuts

Updated 02-27-2018
While the top 1% will continue to enjoy the "cream" of The Trump-Pence
"tax cuts," the average American working family, (over 2/3 of us) will
continue to live paycheck to paycheck without saving anything,
and our
national debt will increase by $1.5 trillion!
 Please remember, Mike Pence
was one of the biggest supporters of the George Bush tax cuts of 2001,
($1.35 trillion over ten years) and a "jobs creation" $350 billion tax cut of
No manufacturing jobs were created, but the national debt increased by
$5.849 trillion during George W. Bush's 8 year term, and the rich got
In 2000, there were  
17,255,433 manufacturing jobs.
Today there are 12,584,520
manufacturing jobs.  
That's a manufacturing job loss of nearly 4.67
million. So the true history of "tax cuts" is not job creation but more
wealth for the wealthy, a decrease in the standard of living for the
working class
and an ever increasing national debt.
When it became apparent, that no new manufacturing jobs were being
created, the Bush "tax cuts" should have been rescinded by Bush or
Obama, but they weren't.
During Obama's eight years in office, the national debt increased another
$7.917 trillion.  

The median income in 2000 was $31,236.  The median income today is
$31,665. So after 18 years, that's an increase of $329.
So in order to try to keep up their standard of living, most American
families have had to increase their debt on their credit cards.
Please do not expect any new good paying jobs as a result of The Trump
-Pence 'tax cuts".  It's a scam!


In December of 2011, I wrote on this website:
"Indiana's jobless now number 200,000.  That's an increase of
60,000 in just the past one year.  More jobless families mean " of
Indiana homeowners with a mortgage, more than 11 1/2 percent
or 100,000 were either behind on their payments or in
foreclosure at the end of June."
Folks, times are tough and it could have been avoided.
As more families lose their jobs and homes, there will be more
divorces, more broken homes and more "homeless,"  either on
the streets or living with relatives.  Health care costs are soaring
and forty million Americans are without health insurance.  So
with all these problems at home; Why  are we still in quagmires
of "deep doo doo' in both Iraq and Afghanistan and all of the
above politicians, including Obama, wanting to invade Iran?
On costs of war, if you don't object to these planned, contrived,
needless, endless wars because of the human suffering; you
had better understand it from the point of your wallet or purse!  
Already, America has troops in four
middle east countries, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The
costs so far are well over three trillion dollars, all on "The Giant
Credit Card" and no end in sight".   

I updated this page on The Economy on July 21, 2008.
Every family has received their "stimulus check."Speaker Nancy
Pelosi boasted, "We didn't have to raise taxes either."  That's
right!  This $ l65 billion "hush money" was simply added to the
current debt.  As was the $ 170 billion to fund the wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan.  The meltdown in the financial markets from
the failures of the mortgage companies; Bear Stearns to now
annie Mae and Freddie Mac are going to cause an
unbelieveable amount of  financial suffering, but who cares?

We are a "bankrupt nation!"  How can  any one justify the costs
of war; the costs of staying in Iraq and Afghanisatn? How can
Congress justify "bailing out Wall Street"at the expense of "the
little guy?"

I wrote of this in my 2005 announcement.  In June, there were 62
thousand more "lay-offs" bringing  ytd lay offs to one-half
million.  "Whenever airline pilots and flight attendents are laid
off by the thousands, that says something about how bad the
economy is !  It's past time to document how all this happened.
The recent purchase of Anheiser Busch by a Belgian firm points
out the severity of American Companies being bought by
foreign ownership. Roche Laboratories buying up more of
Genetech!  More and more Americans are receiving their
paychecks from foreign owners!
Folks, this is not a good thing!
Thom Hartmann's
"When Americans no longer own America" is
a good start.  Remember, in 1988, twenty years ago, my main
campaign issue was , "Where are the jobs"?  By reading
Hartmann you realize how this happened; it was due to Reagan's
"globalization" and "free trade."  Reagan's "supply side"
economics also embraced "free markets" and less regulation.
In 2006, I featured an article ,
"Economic Armageddon." I warned
of the financial bondage that would be place upon our children!  
Congress has sit on its thumbs, doing nothing to prevent this
As more and more  financial markets collapse, the taxpayer is
going to be used to "bail out" these commercial scoundrels!  
Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac is not a ripple, it's a tsunami wave in
our economy.  Instead of letting these firms fold, the taxpayer is
called upon to "bail them out'!  Our dollar continues to weaken.  
The dollar is no longer protected by the ""gold standard" so
Paulsen and Bernanke can print all the "paper money" that is
needed to bail out these crooks, and our children will pay for it
for decades. Please read
"Where is the outrage!" [
Please note Hartmann's reference to
"The New World Order"!  
This is  the "
The New World Order" which aims to impoverish
America by creating more and more debt.  The debt of endless,
needless war, the debt caused by the "tax cuts,"  benefiting the
ultra rich, and the never ending debt that is being foisted upon
we tax payers as more and more Financial institutions go under!
Why do I share this with you?  Because, the people responsible
for letting this happen expect you to re-elect them.  Contrary to
Obama's glowing promises,
nothing will change for the better, only worsen!.  You must
change and vote for me if you want real change and want to
help me save America!   This financial crises did not have to
happen!  It should never have happened!   If you want to see the
cause, look in the mirror!   Let's change that  in 2010.