2020  "Remember The U.S.S. Liberty"  2020
George Holland
A "Prince of Peace" U.S. Veteran
A Reform, Populist, Progressive, Pro-Choice Democrat!
Christian, Anti-Zionist, USAF-NATO, Anti-War Veteran!
"Putting America, Not a nuclear armed,non Christian, Zionist
apartheid Israel First"
Putting America First!
Saving Social Security and Medicare. Putting American
Families, Jobs, Veterans, Seniors and Students First:
Not "The War Party," War Profit$, Oil Profit$, The Israel Lobby,
A nuclear armed, non Christian, apartheid, Zionist Israel or Wall

My beautiful wife of nearly sixty years, Janice, died in 2017 with Alzheimer's.
Patients with A.D. live in a physically and mentally tortured world. A. D.is a
vicious disease. The patient's ultimate death is horrific suffering. Basically,
Medicare does not pay any nursing home costs for this treatment. This care
giving at home is an emotional and financial hardship on most families.
propose that the $5.1 billion
a year the U.S.taxpayer gives to a nuclear
armed, anti-Christian, apartheid, Zionist Israel be used here at home to start
Regional Medical Centers for the diagnosis, care and
treatment of Americans suffering from neural-degenerative diseases.
It's the Christian thing to do!
Let's Put America First: not a nuclear armed anti-Christian, apartheid Zionist
Israel !

•        Native Hoosier
•        Born in Evansville, Indiana, one of nine children in a working class
•        Rush County resident since 1993
•        Married to Janice for 59+ wonderful years.  Janice was and is the
love of my life. (She is deceased)
•        Two sons. Janice & I are the proud grandparents of six beautiful
grandchildren.  Three beautiful great grandchildren.

•        Active in school activities when children were in school.
•        Active in Indian Guides and Boy Scouts.

•        Coached Little League Baseball. Also had a basketball clinic and
coached my son's team in basketball.

•        Active in Church Activities: Was a Deacon and Chairman of
Finance Committee @ Carrollton Ave. U.C.C., Indianapolis. Was
the Vice President and President of the Consistory @ St. Peter's U.C.C.,
Carmel, Indiana.
Was a Deacon @ Main Street Christian Church, (Disciples Of Christ)
Rushville, IN.
Currently attending St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Rushville.

•        Attended Evansville College; Fall of 1955 through Spring Semester
of 1958.
Attended Indiana University  School  of  Medicine,
Sept. 1958 -  February, 1959.
Graduate; Butler University, 1961;  B. S. Chemistry /Zoology.
(Dean's List)

•        Enlisted @ age 17 in U.S.A.F., July 31, 1951. Served four years
active duty and four years of inactive reserve.

Served in NATO three years; January, 1952-December 1954. Stationed
@ Burtonwood AFB, Warrenton, England and Chateaureaux AFB,
Chateaureaux, France. Honorably discharged in 1959.

•         Was awarded a "Certificate of Appreciation" from the State of
Indiana in recognition of my services. I returned this certificate to
Governor Daniels’ office as my protest against the contrived Iraq and
Afghanistan Invasions and Occupations, which were based on lies,
deceit and greed.

•        Now Retired. Was in pharmaceutical sales for nearly 34 years,
(1961-1995) for American Home Products, which was known as
Wyeth Laboratories, now owned by Pfizer Laboratories

•        Former member of Veterans For Peace
•        Member of Vietnam Veterans Against War


I was the caregiver  of my beautiful wife, Janice, while she had
Alzheimer's!  Janice was and still is the love of my life!
True love never dies!

My visit to the "Wall," the Vietnam Memorial in Arlington National

•        Was a member of Veterans For Peace for several years. I was one
of two veterans who were instrumental in forming VFP Chapter 49
of Central Indiana.

•        As a member of VFP, I traveled to Central America twice, at
my own expense, in order to obtain information about the U.S.
Supported "Contra" terrorist war against the peoples of Nicaragua.
On my first trip in 1987, our VFP group went into Honduras, Guatemala
and Nicaragua.
In 1990, our VFP group were observers at The National Election in

Political Qualifications.
•        Was The Democratic Nominee and Candidate for Congress, 1988,
Sixth District of Indiana

•        Was The Libertarian Candidate for Congress, 2008, Sixth District
of Indiana


In France, I was the NCOIC of the surgery unit at Chateuroux Air Force
Base hospital!
In  Louisiana, I was the NCOIC of the treatment and emergency rooms
at Alexandria Air Force Base.

I may be the only Congressional Candidate in Indiana to have spent
three years in Europe as part of NATO.  

On at least two occasions, I had the privilege of sitting, listening and
talking with “Afghanstis,” young Russian combat veterans who had
served in Afghanistan.

I have listened at least twice to nuclear war victims of Hiroshima and

As a member of Veterans for Peace, I met some very interesting
veterans, (many were combat veterans) and individuals;

Senator Paul Wellstone, (Democrat Minnesota) and his wife Sheila

I have spoken with Phil Roettinger, a Lt. Colonel, combat veteran of
WW11.  Phil was recruited by the C.I.A. and was involved in the
overthrow of the Arbanz government of Guatemala.  Phil became
disgusted and left the C.I.A.  and made his way to Mexico and lived
there and made his living as an artist.
I have spoken with Charles Liteky, an army chaplain in Vietnam. In 1986,
he returned his Congressional Medal of Honor as a protest against
President Reagan's Central American policies.