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George Holland For Congress Campaign Press Release
The following is a press release regarding the campaign announcement of George Holland for Indiana’s 6th
Congressional District currently represented by Republican Greg Pence.  If you have any needs regarding
interviews, pictures, etc., please call George Holland at (765) 938-1324 or e-mail him at             Holland’s website is
                   FOR IMMEDIATE MEDIA RELEASE!   March 12, 2020,
My beautiful wife of nearly sixty years, Janice, died in 2017 with Alzheimer's.
Patients with A.D. live in a physically and mentally tortured world. A. D. is a vicious disease. The patient's
ultimate death is horrific suffering.  Medicare does not pay any nursing home costs for this treatment. This
care giving at home is an emotional and financial hardship on most families. I propose that the $5.1 billion a
year the U.S. taxpayer gives to a nuclear armed, non Christian, apartheid, Zionist Israel be used here at
home to start establishing Regional Medical Centers for the diagnosis, care and treatment of Americans
suffering from neural-degenerative diseases. It's the Christian thing to do!  Let's Put America, not a nuclear
armed Zionist Israel First

Rushville resident George Holland, a USAF-NATO Anti-War Veteran, a Christian, The “Prince of Peace”
Peace Candidate seeking The Democratic Party’s nomination for Indiana’s Sixth U.S. Congressional District
proudly proclaims
his number one campaign issue in “Saving America” is  “DUMP TRUMP” and
Greg Pence too! !  
This  antiwar veteran and a Christian blasts Trump as being dangerous, arrogant,
incompetent and irresponsible.   Holland stated that Trump’s comments on the Coronavirus shows how out
of touch with reality Trump is!  "So you have a medicine that's already involved with the coronaviruses, and
now you have to see if it's specifically for this. You can know that tomorrow, can't you?"  Trump originally
compared this virus to a common cold.  The Coronavirus is spreading!  INDIANA NOW HAS 11 CASES OF
CORONAVIRUS!  Has America’s health being compromised with his remarks? Some sources are openly
saying the coronavirus could be more deadly than the 1918 flu (Spanish) epidemic. As a Christian, Holland
believes that any uninsured American with the coronavirus should be treated at no charge.

Another major issue No More Welfare for the Wealthy”!
 How much did Trump and the
Pence boys, Mike and especially Greg, benefit ($$$$$$) from the The Trump-Pence “The Tax Cuts
and Jobs Act of 2017”? . . Holland stated:  In Indiana, the majority of taxpayers, the bottom sixty % ,
with an average income of $35,000, received an average tax cut of $480. Trump and friends, the
richest 1%; received an average tax cut of $48,840.  ( 100 x more for the rich!  How ‘s that for
) Holland stated: This tax cut bill is simply a re-hash of the $350 billion Bush-Mike Pence “Job
Creations” Tax Cut of 2003.” .  Under Bush-Pence, our national debt increased $5.849 trillion.  This is more
“welfare for the wealthy”; Donald Trump, Mike  and Greg Pence, et al.  Since 2000, there has been a loss
of 4.4 MILLION MANUFACTURING JOBS.     The national debt today is $23.4 trillion.  
Over $3 trillion has been added to this debt in Trump’s/Pence’s presidency. Tax cuts for the rich do not
create jobs, but add to the national debt, create inflation and the rich get richer!
Again, how much ($$$$)
did Greg Pence benefit via the tax cut?  

President Trump and Mike Pence boast of a “booming economy.”  That’s a lie!  As a working class kid, I
intend to challenge them to get “real” and look at how American families are living!  Roughly 70% of our
families are living paycheck to paycheck. Poverty among Seniors and children is increasing.  Wages are
“stagnant” and are actually declining.  
The median wage has risen only from $30,498 in 2000 to $33,979
today!  That’s an increase of only $3,299.00 in twenty years.  ($165 per year- not even keeping up
with inflation!)
 Debt, Debt, Debt will be America’s economic demise!  Shame, Shame on Bush, The
Pences  and Trump!  This is “scamonomics” at its best.

Many good people, who are Trump’s base have been betrayed!
Trump, Mike and Greg Pence intend to pay for their tax cuts to the rich by cutting Social Security, Medicare
and Medicaid benefits!  George Holland For Congress opposes these cuts. How about some tax welfare for
people who really need it?
""The average monthly Social Security check is $1,404, and more than 40 percent of single adults
receive more than 90 percent of their income from that check”, according to  the

Social Security Lifts More Americans Above Poverty Than Any Other Program https://www.cbpp.

Social Security should have been protected, especially because of its benefits to the elderly poor! Social
Security Lifts 13 Million Seniors Above The Poverty Line: A State by State Analysis  from the Center on
Budget and Policy Priorities states, "Excluding Social Security income, in 17states more than half of the
elderly-- and, in 45 states, more than 40 percent of the elderly-- have incomes below the poverty line. ...
With Social Security, the elderly poverty rate in the large majority of states is less than 10 percent"  
In Indiana, those figures are 51.5% and 8.1% respectively!
Again, Social Security benefits should not be taxed!  To counter
Trump and Mike and Greg Pence’s cuts in Medicare,
Holland, as a Christian, says “God and George
Holland For Congress support National Health Care For All!  It’s the Christian Thing To Do!”
America is the only major industrialized nation without National health care!   

After seventeen years of War in Iraq and nineteen years in Afghanistan; Why is the U.S. still there? Wars
NOT ENGAGING IN AND EXPANDING CONTRIVED WARS.   Today,  America also has troops in Syria and
an intelligence base in Israel!  WHY?  There were no WMD in Iraq.  That invasion and loss of life and
destruction of countries was based on lies, deceit and greed, which continue today! How many more
American kids will suffer and die because of Trump’s, Pence’s and Congress’ lies?    Two more American G.
I.s were KIA in Iraq this week! They died for a lie! A Reform, Populist, Progressive, Anti-War USAF-NATO
veteran, Anti-Zionist Democrat; Holland stressed that his campaign Saving America will also center on the
need to get out of the Middle East and out of perpetual war. Holland closed with  NO MEMBER OF