Reproduced for "fair use" through the kindness of Neturei Karta International  

The Palestinian Issue
The orthodox Jewish anti-Zionist position

Q - Is it true that Neturei Karta International
supports Palestinian sovereignty over all of the
Holy Land?

A - Our answer is, unequivocally, yes. However,
this answer requires some prior explanation. We
are an anti-Zionist, Orthodox organization. Our
quarrel with Zionism exists on many levels.

1) First, the Zionist ideology is a transformation
of Judaism from religion and spirituality into
nationalism and materialism.

2) Second, it has committed a grievous moral
evil in its treatment of the Palestinian people.

3) Third, because the Almighty has expressly
forbidden us to recreate our own entity in this
Divinely decreed exile.

4) Fourth, by establishing a state in Palestine,
it denies the Divine punishment inherent in
the Jewish people's exile and seeks to remedy
what is essentially a spiritual state by this
worldly means.

5) Fifth, it has devoted much of its energy to the
uprooting of traditional Jewish faith.

Q - What do you advocate?

A - We demand, without compromise, the
peaceful dismantling of the State of “Israel”. As
to whether or how many Jews may remain there
once this process is completed, that decision is
totally up to the Palestinian leaders and people.

Q - Aren't you afraid what this might result in, for
the Jews living in the Holy Land?

A - Actually, we fear far more for the Jews in
the present hopeless situation. After 6 decades,
numerous wars, endless terror and counter terror,
innocent civilians dead on both sides, there is no
solution in sight. Both the Israeli right and left
have failed miserably to rectify this situation.
We are offering an alternative to what is clearly a
tragic experiment.

Q - But don't Jews deserve a homeland?

A - No Jew faithful to the Jewish religion in the
1900 years of our people's exile believed that
we should seek to reclaim the land by military
means. Instead,they believed that at the end of days,when
the Creator chooses to redeem all mankind then all peoples will join in
the worship of Him. This will not require the subjugation or
dispossession of peoples. It will be a time of universal brotherhood with its
spiritual center in the Holy Land. Until then the Jewish people have a
particular task in exile.

Q - And what might that be?

A - To accept in faith their exile. And, by word
and deed, quietly and unobtrusively, to act as
moral and spiritual paragons. And, in general to
attend to the Almighty's service via Torah study,
prayer and good deeds.

Q - How do you view the Palestinian people?

A - They are the victims of the Zionist movement's
moral blindness and obstinate refusal to take
into account the existence of peoples other than
themselves. The Palestinian people have a right to
their homeland. And they have a right to financial
restitution for property loss and damages inflicted
upon them over the past decades.

Q - What efforts have you brought to this cause?

A – With the help of the Almighty, we are
frequently publishing statements in support of
Palestinian claims and in sympathy with their suffering. We have
joined Palestinians in protest against the abuses that they have
been subjected to. We have, in general,attempted to maintain
a public presence in both the Jewish and Islamic world in order
that the venerable tradition of Jewish,
Torah based anti-Zionism be not forgotten and with the help of the
Almighty, we hope that the true Torah way will in
the near future, onece again preveil.

Q - What is your opinion on the peace process,
Annapolis, Road Map, Oslo accords and similar

A - Any support for the suffering Palestinian
people is a small victory and evidence of a
moral conscience which every Jew should have.
However, all these plans, although they may be well intentioned,
are doomed to failure. Jews are forbidden to exercise political
sovereignty over the Holy Land. They are called upon to seek peace
with all people. Jews are forbidden to oppress any human being.
For all of these reasons, Jews are required to restore the full
rights of the Palestinians and free all of Palestine. The Zionist
enterprise is metaphysically doomed to moral and practical failure.

Q - What should be the Jewish approach to the Islamic

A - Jews are called upon to deal ethically and
honestly with all people. Zionism has misled many
Jews into acts of aggression against the Palestinian
people. Therefore, it behooves all Jews, as best
we can, to rectify this situation by seeking peace,
reconciliation and dialogue when dealing with
Palestinian people and all Islamic nations. This
is one of the great spiritual tests confronting the
Jewish people - to establish a moral relationship
with their Islamic brethren.

Q - Realistically speaking, does your program have
any chance of implementation?

A - First, the Creator runs the world, with Him all
things are possible and the truth and justice will
ultimately prevail. Second, there is a tremendous
sense of disillusionment and exhaustion among
Jews worldwide with the Israeli state and Zionism
in general. Many realize that following Zionist
principles leads to one dead end after another. They
are longing for another solution. Our solution,
which is simply the ancient tradition of Judaism, is
appearing increasingly plausible to many and may,
in the not too distant future, with the help of the
Creator, carry the day, until then we hope and pray that
no more innocent blood be shed, be it Jewish
or Arab. We yearn for the day when many will come
to realize that the only real path to peace lies in the
Jewish people returning to their true task in exile,
the undivided service of the Almighty and devotion
to morality, integrity and honesty. Ultimately we
yearn and pray for the day when it will come to
fruition the words of our universal prayers, “All the
nations will become one organization to do Your
will with their whole heart.” And in the words of
the Psalms (102:23), “Nations and governments
will gather together to serve the Almighty.” May it
be soon, in our days, amen