2018  "Remember The U.S.S. Liberty"  2018
George Holland For Congress
The "Prince of Peace" Peace Candidate!
A Reform, Populist, Progressive, Pro-Choice Democrat!
Christian, Anti-Zionist, USAF-NATO, Anti-War Veteran!
"Putting America, Not Zionist Israel First"
Putting America First!
Saving Social Security and Medicare. Putting American
Families, Jobs, Veterans, Seniors and Students First:
Not "The War Party," War Profit$, Oil Profit$, AIPAC,
A nuclear armed, Zionist Israel or Wall $treet

•        Native Hoosier
•        Born in Evansville, Indiana, one of nine children in a working class
•        Rush County resident since 1993
•        Married to Janice for 59+ wonderful years.  Janice was the love of my life.
(She is deceased)
•        Two sons. Janice & I are the proud grandparents of six beautiful
grandchildren.  One beautiful great grandchild.

•        Active in school activities when children were in school.
•        Active in Indian Guides and Boy Scouts.
•        Coached Little League Baseball. Also had a basketball clinic and
coached my son's team in basketball.
•        Active in Church Activities: Was a Deacon and Chairman of
Finance Committee@ Carrollton Ave. U.C.C., Indianapolis. Was
the Vice President and President of the Consistory @ St. Peter's U.C.C., Carmel,
Was a Deacon @ Main Street Christian Church, (Disciples Of Christ) Rushville, IN.

•        Attended Evansville College; Fall of 1955 through Spring Semester
of 1958.
     Attended Indiana University  School  of  Medicine,
    Sept. 1958 -  February, 1959.
    Graduate; Butler University, 1961;  B. S. Chemistry /Zoology.
    (Dean's List)

•        Enlisted @ age 17 in U.S.A.F., July 31, 1951. Served four years
active duty and four years of inactive reserve. Served in NATO
three years; January, 1952-December 1954. Stationed @
Burtonwood AFB, Warrenton, England and Chateaureaux AFB,
Chateaureaux, France. Honorably discharged in 1959.
•         Was awarded a "Certificate of Appreciation" from the State of
Indiana in recognition of my services. I returned this certificate to Governor Daniels’
office as my protest against the contrived Iraq and Afghanistan Invasions and
Occupations, which were based on lies, deceit and greed.

•        Now Retired. Was in pharmaceutical sales for nearly 34 years,
(1961-1995) for American Home Products, which was known as
Wyeth Laboratories, now owned by Pfizer Laboratories

•        Former member of Veterans For Peace
•        Member of Vietnam Veterans Against War

•        Was a member of Veterans For Peace for several years. I was one
of two veterans who were instrumental in forming VFP Chapter 49
of Central Indiana.
•        As a member of VFP, I traveled to Central America twice, at
my own expense, in order to obtain information about the U.S.
Supported "Contra" terrorist war against the peoples of Nicaragua.

•        Was The Democratic Nominee and Candidate for Congress, 1988,
Sixth District of Indiana

•        Was The Libertarian Candidate for Congress, 2008, Sixth District
of Indiana

I may be the only Congressional Candidate in Indiana to have spent three years in
Europe as part of NATO.  
On at least two occasions, I had the privilege of sitting, listening and talking with
“Afghanstis,” young Russian combat veterans who had served in Afghanistan.

I have listened several times to victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.