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God-damn you President Trump, John Bolton is an Israel-First/Neocon
warmonger and a lethal enemy of our Republic
Posted on March 23, 2018 by mike
Mr. President:

I hope you will forgive my damning you, but, sadly, you fully merit the condemnation, not only from me, but from
the tens of millions who voted for you because you championed an America First policy that would stop the
killing and maiming of their soldier-children in unnecessary, interventionist, and bankrupting wars. John Bolton,
Mr. President, has been an advocate and architect of many of those always lost wars, he has supported them
all, he will kill as many of our kids and spend as many of our dollars as are necessary to serve Israeli interests,
he will leak our most classified information to the Israelis, and he will favor unnecessary wars over non-
intervention in every situation he confronts. Plainly, Mr. President, Bolton is an anti-American shit-bird

About ten days ago a reader of this space asked what I thought about the rumor of John Bolton being in line to
replace H.R. McMaster as the National Security Adviser. My wife just got in the door and told me that exactly that
disaster had come to pass.

Let me start by printing here the answer I provided to the above-mentioned question.

“Thank you for writing. I cannot imagine a worse choice for MacMaster’s replacement than Bolton. He is the
walking talking epitome of an Israel-firster shill, and he would transfer any secret data he is privy to the Mossad
station chief in Washington. He is a neoconservative war-monger and, as far as I can tell, hasn’t had a new idea
for as long as I have heard him on FOX. Even before the anchor finishes his question, I almost always know
nearly verbatim what that ass is going to say in response. I don’t know why savvy guys like Lou Dobbs, Cavouto,
and Brett Baier give him the time of day. Trump used him as a potential nominee for secretary of state and
national security adviser after the inauguration, but threw him back into the gutter in which he dwells and chose
someone else. I hope and pray that recent history will repeat itself. MFS”

Mr. President, you are involved in two losing wars — in Afghanistan and Iraq — and Bolton will want more U.S.
participation in each. Although the U.S. and Western media are not covering the wars, the truth is that the non-
defeated Islamic State (IS) has moved into the southern suburbs of Damascus; IS and the Taleban are
expanding their control in Afghanistan; after 17 years the U.S. military and its useless allies cannot even secure
Kabul; Iraqi Shias are merrily murdering mounting numbers of Sunnis; and IS conducts ambushes and bombings
in Iraq whenever and wherever it wishes. Your senior CIA, Defense, and political advisers, Mr. President, have
given you nothing in Afghanistan or Iraq save opportunities to be mired in each until you have to flee as they
fled from Saigon. Bolton is a loser and he will back those losers to the hilt, and so more of our kids and dollars
will be wasted. Burned up in the waste of those two wars will be young American men, women, and dollars that
could be used to control the border, build the wall, and rid the republic of dole-sucking illegal alien felons. And
because he is more loyal to Israel than to America, Bolton will look for opportunities to cause trouble with Russia,
which is always a priority of Israel First.

Where has your commonsense gone, Mr. President? That characteristic was manifest on the campaign trail, but
it has now ebbed away to a barely visible shadow. You could have, Sir, picked a better national security adviser
than Bolton from a group of Marine gunnery sergeants. The country as whole — and most especially middle
America, which provides the troops your generals and advisers use like cannon fodder — are sick of the
unnecessary, interventionist wars that Bolton, the Neocons, and the Israel-Firsters love to start.

Again, Mr. President, God-damn you for choosing that war-loving, anti-American bastard Bolton