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Largest Military Aid in Israel’s History: $705 Million for Missile “Defence” Programmes
By Middle East Monitor
Global Research, March 28, 2018
Middle East Monitor 27 March 2018
Region: Middle East & North Africa
Theme: Intelligence, Militarization and WMD, US NATO War Agenda

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that the US Congress had approved the largest defence aid
contribution for Israel since it was created in 1948, Quds Press reported yesterday.

On Twitter, he wrote:

“I am pleased to announce that the US Congress has approved a record amount for missile defence. $705 million
in 2018. We will continue to develop the multi-tier missile defence system.”

American media reported that Congress approved the $705.8 million for missile defence programmes, noting that
this is $105 million more than last year’s funding.

Lieberman went on to thank the US which he described as a “great friend” of Israel, noting that it invested $6.5bn
to defend the skies of Israel.

In 2016, the US approved a $38 billion ten-year aid package for Israel, the highest ever agreed. According to the
Christian Science Monitor, Israel cost the US $1.6 trillion between 1973 and 2002.

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